The Third Plateau's Moron of the Moment Email: Nine/SedahDrol

Occasionaly I get negative comments about this website and about DXM in general. People will say that I've killed their daughter, or that I'm corrupting youth. All I can do when I'm told these things is laugh. Laugh and post the comments here.

The main purpose of this section to provide a place where I can respond to any negative emails that I may receive. Some people who send me these types of emails do so anonymously, so I post the offending message and my reply here so that the author can read it. Another reason for this site is to show both sides of the spectrum. It is only fair that I let those against DXM use have their say at a DXM website.

The idea for this section was clearly taken from William White's DXM FAQ, which contains a section also entitled "Moron of the Moment". I'm not original, nor do I claim to be.

So far, I've gotten only 2 negative emails about this site, one of them made up by a DXM user in order to "test" me (see below). Please note that I've gotten thousands of emails.

First Comment:

Well it looks like I got my first negative comment today about DXM and The Third Plateau. Since it was an anonymous message, I can not directly reply to the author, so I will reply here.

Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 21:58:57 -0500
From: anonymous_library_user
Organization: James Madison University
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I)
Subject: Hi!

Hi! My friend just got in a real bad FUCKING car wreck cause of your stupid fucking site. So guess fucking what. DXM is going *PUBLIC* ABC/NBC/Dateline/20/20/. Fuck your stupid drug induced bullshit. Think I'm just fucking with you. Okay. Lets just see. Fuck you Greenfag.

Keep an eye on the news you fucking cough-syrup junkie.

[Step one complete. Step two in process.]

Have a nice, fucking, dissasociated life, bitch.

My Response:

First of all, I have to clear this issue up here. If you read the site, you'll see that I mention several times that I DON'T PROMOTE DXM USE, ecspecially in dangerous situations. Where at my site have you seen me say "Everyone go out and drive on's a fucking trip and a half!"? No...I don't say anything like that. It's not my fault that your friend decided to do something stupid and drive under the influence of DXM. That's his problem. He wasn't being a responsible drug user, and yes, for your information there is such a thing as a responsible drug user. He shouldn't have done DXM at all if he is stupid enough to want to drive while on it. DXM isn't something makes you want to drive, anyway. Usually, it produces a state of relaxation and a dissociated feeling. Your friend should have known that he was putting his life in danger.

If people really wanted to do DXM, I think that it should only be done at home in a controlled environment free from putting anyone in danger.

The goal of the site is to make sure that people become educated about DXM, not to go out and do something stupid such as drive a car under the influence of DXM.

As for your going public...well...I advise that you don't. This is the first case in a matter of years that I've heard of harm done with DXM. I don't think going public about this issue will do anything but get revenge on me. It won't "stop America's youth from harming themselves by drinking cough syrup and doing stupid things". I haven't done anything to you. I have simply laid out the facts about DXM and the DXM drug culture, etc etc etc. I have nothing to do with your friend's accident.

Food for thought: Many people (I don't have the stats) die in drunk driving accidents every year. Alcohol can discoordinate a person as much, if not more, than DXM. Do you see this on 20/20 or dateline every week? No.

So if you're gonna go public with all of this stuff, then you have every right to do so. I'll go on with my site informing people as best I can about the effects of DXM and I'll get many more letters of praise and interesting trip stories. I must have gotten hundreds of positive emails so far about both my site and DXM in general. I have gotten only one negative comment, and that is from you. If you have anything further to talk to me about, I invite your reply.

Thank You and I do hope you have a good life. I also hope your friend lives and gets better. If your friend can talk, discuss this over with him about what I've said and about what he thinks.


P.S. Greenfag...That's REALLY original. You're such a genious. When I get off of my cough-syrup junkie lifestyle, I hope I can become half the person you are!

This person responded the next day. This is what he had to say:

Anonymous_library_user's (AKA Wilson) Response:

Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 19:33:23 -0500
From: anonymous_library_user
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I)
Subject: Well, well, well.

Well. Hmmm. Ahh. Gosh.
Seems were a little uhm, tipsy, boozy, groggy, fuddled, elivated, prime did edit her, huh GreenDRAG. Seems dissasociates has mad us a little hmmm.... nevermind. Look. I'm just really sorry. I think it's time we all had a little Mellaril. It's funny actually; why would I let a friend dose & drive? Why would someone in their right mind go out and purposely put -unbased- blame on a site for which all purposes had nothing to do with someones misshapp. After all, this sight is strictly for educational (and I will repeat) educational purposes only. I mean shit man, read the the disclaimers! This site *specifically* states that that all users (and would be interested users) immediately go out and read Mr. Whites highly imformative Faq BEFORE attempting to partake in the use of the chemical. Upon reading this Faq, one will discover the White STRICTLY states *NOT* to drive under the influence of mind altering drugs INCLUDING Dextromethorphan. Let their pupils be the size of SaUcErS! Bye now!



P.S. Please forgive the name calling. I'm sorry.

My Response:

I accept your apology about the name calling.

I must stress here the on-going controversy between those who use drugs and want their decriminalization and those who are anti-drug and support anti-drug laws.

Those who are anti-drug believe that drugs are harmful and cloud a person's thinking. They believe that all (or most) drugs are addictive and are used to escape everyday reality because they believe that drug users can't handle it.

Much of this misinformation has been circulating around suburban culture since the prohibition of cannabis (marijuana) in the 1930's (when the fight against psychedelics started).

I should mention, also, the reason why psychedelics have been illegalized. It started mainly with cannabis, or marijuana. Cannabis was made illegal due to the introduction of synthetic fibers in the 1920's. Synthetic fibers weren't doing as well, economically, as hemp-fibers were (hemp is a strong fabric made from the stems of the cannabis plant). The powerful companies who manufactured these synthetic fibers seeked to destroy those that manufactured hemp. They made up lies about cannabis being a "killer weed" that made mexicans cross the border and kill people in a drug-induced rage. These lies went to the government and the rest is history. The companies who manufactured synthetic fibers made a lot of money, to say the least. It also helped politicians get elected, make money, etc. The myth has grown and has never left us.

There has been an ongoing realization, since the 1960's, that this "factual information" was in fact false. Many people have realized that psychedelic drugs, such as cannabis (marijuana), psilocybe mushrooms (shrooms), and other substances don't produce the effects that they were told they did when they were growing up. When they took their first hit of acid, they realized that it didn't produce a cloudy, uncoordinated, delusional feeling. They realized that this drug produced an effect that heightened their awareness of beauty and of the spirituality within themselves. The began to further experiment with psychedelics and realized that they can be used as teachers to aid everyday life. They didn't provide an escape from reality. They enhanced reality. They also found that these drugs weren't addictive and didn't make them crazy or jump out of windows.

Now, the use of DXM has increased because more people have found that it has other uses other than fighting a cough. DXM can be used to dive within and "turn on the internal spotlight". Like I said, DXM should really only be used at home in a comfortable chair/bed with the music on loud. It isn't meant to be used while driving. When mixed with the wrong people, it can have devastating effects.

I should note that not everyone should use psychedelics. Many, if not most people can't handle the effects of these drugs. Also, some people are not mature/responsible enough to take the drugs in a mature/responsible manner. People that are irresponsible, or are not stable will end up having terrifying or devastating experiences, as your friend did. I don't know anything about your friend, but I feel that he was not ready to use DXM. These are the types of people that give drugs a bad name.

Generally, the media seeks stories about these people to get more ratings/money. The government keeps psychedelics illegal because it keeps elected officials in office and gives select government officials much more money. The media doesn't air these stories because they want the public to be safe from something that would harm them. The media airs these stories because it gives them ratings and money. How much harm has cannabis done to society (besides putting more innocent, good citizens in jail)?

My point is that going to the media about DXM won't stop more people from trying DXM. In fact, it will make kids more curious about the drug and DXM use would skyrocket. More people will be in your friend's situation because of it. There is no doubt that my site has caused MANY unwanted DXM trips and has spawned many irresponsible users of psychedelics. It has also, though, has spawned many more responsible users and has caused MANY pleasurable DXM trips. It just comes with the territory, I guess.

Mr. Wilson, I am not trying to "convert" you. You may still believe that I am a tipsy, boozy, groggy, fuddled, elivated, and dissociated person, but at least hear my point about psychedelics and DXM. I wish to have no enemies and I wish to inform as much as possible. America has a belief that if information is kept under the table, then no one will notice it. This produces a lot of myths and false information. This can be quite dangerous. My belief is that information should be made available to all freely, and that people can learn from it. Learn from the information that I have given to you tonight. Thank You.

Oh...please inform me of your friend's condition. I am actually very concerned. Please send him my personal regards.

"Wilson" responded to what I had to say a few days later. Here's what he said:

Hello, again! I am very impressed by the valuable information that was posted in reguards to that nefarious letter I originally sent. I will now do the polite gesture of appologising for sending it. I was curious as to how the DXM community would react to such misguided 'trash'. That was probably not a very appropriate way to test my idea. I appologise. I do want to thank Greendrag and the annomous (sorry bout the spelling, I have a slight 12oz hang over from last night.) poster who replied with the clearly stated texts describing implications and legalities. I totally feel that if some anti-drug person happened to stumble apon this web site, they would be very taken back by the maturity and responsibility displayed through out. Who knows, they might even have a little cough when they get home! Anyhow, I thank everyone for their time & wish everyone a truely hippyTrippy happy next trip.


My response:

Wait a minute...this was all a joke? You didn't have a friend that got in a car accident? I agree with wasn't a very appropriate way to test your idea. You could have at least made it hypothetical.

I do accept your apologies and I'm going to keep this section up so that any anti-drug people can see the views of responsible drug users. It would be a truely great honor to me if this site turned anti-drug people into people who supported drug use.

BTW, next time you get an idea, sleep on it first! :)

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Second Comment:

From: ""

i just got home from visiting my wife in the hospital. she took a large quantity of dextromethorphan. i found your net address in a file she had saved. psychotic break followed by coma. xfered to major metro hospital here. later xfered to psych ICU. have searched net for all references to dex. sent above description of wife, hospital, dr's name, your page, and list of similar pages to DEA. requested they provide me with your name and address so i can follow up appropriately.

My Response:

I can't provide you with my name and address. That is information that I am unable to give out over the internet insecurely.

My site had nothing to do with your wife's unfortunate incident. She should have been responsible enough to ease into a dose that would have not put her into comatose, or to not take the drug at all. A typical recreational dose of dextromethorphan is a long way from being able to put someone in such a state. Your wife could have had an existant problem that put her into such a state when she took the DXM. It was not entirely the fault of the drug. My site has been viewed by thousands of people, and I'm sure it has made the number of DXM users rise, but this is the first time I have heard of "psychotic breaks, and comas" induced by DXM. People have had many positive experiences over the drug, and this is definitely not a common thing among DXM use.

I'm sure the DEA already know about dextromethorphan as being used as a psychedelic. It has been used as such for over 30 years. The reason why it hasn't been criminalized is because its use has been kept in small, underground pockets and hasn't skyrocketed. If DXM use was made public, many irrisponsibly people would take toxic doses of it and possibly kill themselves. The key to recreational DXM use is to use it responsibly.

I am sorry about your wife and I hope she recovers well.

Greendrag (

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