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This site is dedicated, in loving memory, to Elfstar and "Ed" -- two members of The Third Plateau community who have passed on. May their souls fly freely for all eternity.

Welcome to The Third Plateau! This site has to do with the psychoactive drug dextromethorphan (DXM, robo, tussin, dex), that is found in many over the counter cough medicines. If you are new to DXM, please refer to the Beginner's Guide to DXM and the DXM FAQ for the best information.

Featuring The DXM Message Board, a place where you can discuss DXM and issues regarding psychedelics.

Note (September 2000): The Third Plateau is undergoing a major re-write. It will be split into two major sections: a DXM-information section and a DXM creativity section. The information section will become more interactive and will have a lot more updated information. I'm also proud to welcome three new members to The Third Plateau team: Nine, Thoric, and Sedah Drol. Nine will help me with the information section. Thoric will be maintaining the Trip Reports and overall site administration. Sedah Drol will help me with administration and maintenance. Expect these changes to be complete November.

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About this Site

The Third Plateau is a non-profit website dedicated to the distribution of general DXM-related information on the internet and beyond. It is also the gathering place of a fairly large internet DXM drug-culture. Here you will find such useful things as a list of safe cough medicines to use recreationally (note that this doesn't imply that using DXM, alone, is safe), methods of extracting DXM from cough medicines, as well as DXM-related art, humor, music, and social gathering places.

This site is maintained solely by myself -- Greendrag. I am currently attending college and am maintaining this site in my spare time. This site is held together by the people who contribute to it. If you have anything to contribute (trip reports, artwork, links, etc), please email me.

Thank You's

I would like to also send my deep gratitude to all those who have thanked and supported me for the two years that this site has been around. If it wasn't for your sincerity, this site would never have lasted. Secondly, I'd like to thank the Lycaeum hosting this site and for providing the much needed service of hosting drug information sites on the internet. Finally, I'd like to thank the members of the DXM Message Board who have come, gone, and are still around. You are the backbone of this site and thanks to you all, this site has become more popular than I could have ever made it by myself.

Mission Statement

It is a fact that human beings are inclined to want to alter their consciousness. As humans, we've smoked, eaten, drunken, injected, absorbed, and snorted all kinds of plant matters and chemicals in order to satisfy this quest. Since dextromethorphan is highly psychoactive and is found in cough medicine, many people will drink these medicines in order to experience an altered state. My idea is that since people will do this anyway, and more and more people will eventually catch on, I might as well provide a place where people can learn and discuss what they're doing. Simply put, The Third Plateau's mission statement is to provide information to those who use DXM or to those who are interested in the substance.

My goal is *not* to spread the word about DXM to the public. Yes, having this website is bound to spread the word, but that is not my intention. This is the very reason why I don't make any effort to publicize this website (except in places where DXM use is already discussed).

If The DXM FAQ and this site had never existed, the word about DXM would have spread through word of mouth. This good in that word of mouth generally tends to be very slow. The major downfall to this, though, is that the information that gets passed around is extremely vague and most often incorrect. In the long run, the word-of-mouth approach would have most probably caused DXM to become restricted sooner than it would have with DXM information websites around. Because these websites exist, people who use DXM are, for the most part, highly educated about using the drug responsibly. As the result, there are less problems in the DXM-using community, even if the community is much larger than it would have been if no websites existed.

Also note that I have included the link to William White's DXM FAQ on many places throughout this site. I do this to place emphasis on the fact that good information on DXM is essential if DXM is to be used responsibly. The DXM FAQ is THE BEST source of information on the net about DXM. The Third Plateau is only secondary.

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November 1999

This site was mentioned in Mindjack Magazine in the article "I want a New Drug: Dextromethorphan, more than just a cough supressant".

Noted Sites

The following sites are sites noted here as being associated with The Third Plateau.
Be sure to visit my cousin site... The Marezine- Dramamine Connection , The only website devoted exclusively to Dramamine! The Lycaeum

Thanks to the good people at The Lycaeum for hosting my site.

The number one source for detailed information about DXM. Contains everything you ever needed to know and more about DXM.


The Third Plateau is a central meeting place for an online community of DXM users from all over the world. Here you will find the following:

The DXM Message Board


The Third Plateau IRC Channel: (6667) #DXM


This website is all about information specific to DXM. The following sections should help you:

The DXM Knowledge Base

The DXM FAQ (text format)

If you need to know a specific answer, search or post a message to The DXM Message Board

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