Here is your opportunity to get involved in THE REVOLUTION® projects. To GET INVOLVED, contact one of the "Point Persons" below...
Volunteer Coordinator

Point person: unverified@aol.com

  • Deals with volunteers as they come in. Finds out how they can contribute, finds ways for them to participate, gets them into a gang, etc.
National Organizing

Point person: Travis Whitney
  • Primary responsibility for fundraising, petition drives, recruiting members and volunteers. Maintaining database and checking account. Includes overseeing the creation, sale, and distribution of buttons, patches, etc.
  • Helping and coordinating local organizations.
  • Keeping track of and helping to coordinate everything else, including rallies, tours, PR, membership, volunteers.
Public Relations

Point person: Don Elwell
  • Organizes and coordinates publicity campaigns, including rallies, media appearances, getting endorsements, getting hard copy propaganda out.

Sub-category: Official Website

  • Design, program and maintain the website. Coordinate volunteers to implement and moderate online services.
Point person: dimitri

Sub-category: Internet Propaganda Campaign
Point person: R.U. Sirius

Policy Refinement

Point person: grover918@yahoo.com

Sub-category: Economic/Budget Policy Development
Point person: Jonathan@cooper.com

Sub-category: Internet Policy Development
Point person: R.U. Sirius