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4.03.00 DERISION 2000: MOCK THE VOTE! R.U. Sirius Makes It Official. 20 Point Party Platform for National Politics revises and expands the original 15 points. Get serious with THE SIRIUS SPEAKER BUREAU OF ONE.
2.14.00There's a New Deal in Revolution® Membership and an important announcement in Events.
12.20.99The Revolution® Group Calendar!
3.13.99The Revolution® has just had its first revolution, read about it here. R.U. Sirius will be in Texas 3/13 & 3/16. The first renditions of Broadsheet Propaganda Ready For Downloading & Printing are ready for your printers, fax machines, and copiers! Member services are coming online. Please support The Revolution®!
1.29.99A recent interview and article in Readings.
12.4.98Revolution® Part 5 - Do I Dare To Eat Impeach?
Or How Mr. Clinton Got Caught in his own Police State in Documents.
10.9.98Added web interface to majordomo and email recommends.
10.4.98Redesigned the site, added an interactive links database, sitemap, Bannerama and Buttons.
9.23.98Events itinerary and website introduction. Also The Revolution®'s 7 Point Program for Dramatically Decreasing the Threat of International Terrorism and 5 Point Platform for the Internet and the Computer Industry.
9.5.98Official site moves from therevolution.ml.org to the-revolution.org. Sign up with Mind-It above to keep track of changes to this site.