Welcome to the Diary of a Psychonaut homepage. This site, a collection of my trip reports and other writings, was created in an effort to share the results of my entheogenic explorations with those interested. I hope that other psychonauts can gain insight from my explorations, as I have gained insight from those who came before me.

If you have been here before, you can check and see what's new. The entire site is also searchable, using the form at the top of this page.

I have used psychedelics/entheogens for the last 7 years. They are integral to my spiritual practice, which I consider to be one of the most important things in my life. I have also reaped tremendous benefits from them in my secular life. While I myself have never experienced any lasting negative effects from any entheogen I have used, your mileage may vary. Please use caution and common sense and don't take the existence of these pages as an encouragement or advice to reproduce my explorations. The decision to use these chemicals and plants is a very personal one and should be made with much forethought and a clear head. They are not for children or others unprepared for their literally mind blowing effects. If you choose to use these magical substances, please do so wisely.

You will find that some of the reports archived here appear elsewhere as well. Both Erowid and the Lycaeum have some of these same reports in their trip reports archives. There may be minor differences between the versions that appear there and those that appear here, due to corrections or clarifications I have made since their original posting.

You will find little or no "generic" information about any of these agents here. This is simply a compendium of my thoughts regarding my own explorations. If you are looking for more information, pop over to my links page. The sources listed there will provide you with plenty.

I have organized these reports by substance(s), and indexed them in the Big List of Trips. As I have more experiences, they will be listed here. Expect these pages to change often. All of these reports are true to the limits of my abilities to recall and express them. I welcome commentary, criticism, and suggestions. You can mail me at the link provided below. I answer all my mail, except morons who ask me for drugs (see the FAQ). As Gracie and Zarkov say "Stay high and stay free".

If you sent me mail in the past few months and never heard from me, please resend the mail! I had a fair amount of unanswered mail in my inbox when my old account was closed, and I lost all of it. I always reply to anyone who mails me, so long as they don't ask for drugs. Thanks!