I was fifteen years old, young and immature, when me and buddy, Nick, decided to drop our first hits. At that time we were already smoking dope and drinking pretty regularly and considered ourselves pretty 'experienced' with drugs, of course, looking back now, we weren't. Note that I'm writing this about 5 years after the fact, so some stuff is a little foggy. Most of this came back to me after visiting the same places the next day.

Nick scores some hits from this Deadhead in his Science classes and we skip the rest of the day at school and drop. This was before I knew about the net and the information contained within it. I knew nothing about the 'precautions' we were supposed to take or anything like that. Since we had no place to go and our houses were out of the question (parents were home) we decided to head for DOWNTOWN TORONTO. That was mistake number one.

We drop the hits, just white blotter, as we're leaving school. Get on the subway heading downtown, which is about a 15 minute ride. Nothing yet. Get downtown, and if you've never been to downtown Toronto, I should tell you that it's pretty much like any other downtown area except there's lots and lots of people at ANY time and usually a lot of street performers, so yeah, it's like any other freak downtown district. It's about 12pm and half an hour after we dropped, I'm a little nervous but still "sober". Nick says he's starting to feel it.

Since it's around 12 o'clock we decide to go grab a bite to eat. That was mistake number two. We order the food at Burger King, actually, I order the food because by this time Nick is tripping out of his skull and can hardly talk. As I'm ordering the food, I start feeling it coming on, but don't really recgonize it yet. I pay for the food, grab the tray and head upstairs to the smoking area. Nick's in the corner staring out the window looking really freaky. We try to eat our food, and some of it actually gets in our mouth. By this time we're both tripping pretty hard, Nick more than me since I seem to have more tolerance for ANY drug. The fries are looking at me strange and both of use pretty stop eating.

The paranoia stage kicks in. Remember, we're in a downtown Burger King at lunch time, so it's like a full house watching a couple of really fucked up people, or so we thought. Since we're starting to get paranoid that everyone is looking and everyone KNOWS we're tripping we decide to get out of there. [Just a side note to all you newbies, no one knows you're tripping unless you blurt out "I'm tripping out of my fucking skull!"] But not before we take a little walk to the bathroom, which is in the basement. Mistake number three.

Bathrooms have mirrors. Mirrors are usually really bad for first time trippers. We did not know that. We go downstairs and then go looking for the bathroom. We find it, but have some trouble reading the sign and head into the women's washroom. Luckily there was no one in there, but we get really confused 'cause all they have is toilets. One of us, don't know who, finally figures out we're in the wrong bathroom. We leave and find the mens washroom. I take my piss and Nick finds out he has to take a shit (something I would not recommend on acid, at least not for the first time). As I'm washing my hands, I look up and find a person that looks like me staring back at me. I start talking to it, and it starts talking back, at least, until it started trying to attack me. I close my eyes and it goes away. Open them, and realise it's a mirror. Splash some water on my face and call out to Nick who's having a tough time taking a dump. He comes out of the toilet and we leave Burger King after knocking this guy over going up the stairs.

I guess I forgot to mention that this was in the winter, and since we live in the "great white north", it was about -7 degrees Celsius (really, really cold Fahrenheit). So now we're outside, having a lot of visuals so we decide to take a little walk. We both start to have this strange feeling, but neither of us can figure out what it was. Also, by this time, we had no need to talk since we could communicate telepathically. I would think something and Nick would reply by thinking the answer. This was all normal to us, we didn't even think twice about it.

We walk to this little park and sit down on the benches. I pull out my Walkman and we start listening to Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (highly recommended for ANY drug experiences). We're still both having this strange feeling. We listen to three or four songs and just enjoy the trip and where it takes us. I start seeing the air, and ask Nick about it, who claims the same thing. The music starts slowing down, and I figured that either it was the trip, or the batteries were going dead on the Walkman. I got out the extra pair of batteries, took out the old ones and gave them to Nick, who started FEELING the energy within them. Of course, the power of suggestion is too great on acid, and I started SEEING the energy flow out of the batteries. After puzzling over this for a few minutes (or what seemed like minutes) I finally managed to get the new batteries in the Walkman.

It's about two and half hours after we first dropped, and I'm starting to step down. I don't know if other people's trips are the same way but that was the most incredible feeling, stepping down. It felt as if the whole world was rushing back INTO me (sort of like an 'EXTREME CLOSEU' but in reverse) and then I would step a notch down on the 'trip ladder' (more on this at the end). We were both pissed off with the strange feeling we both had until it finally dawned on me that we were freezing cold. We both communicated to each other (telepathically, of course) that we should go inside.

We get up, still wearing headphones and start walking towards a pretty big mall that's downtown Toronto. We both have sets of headphones, but they're hooked up to one Walkman and it's tough to walk, while tripping, this way but somehow we managed. When one of us wanted to go stare at something in a shop window the other had to come since we were basically on leashes. Anyway, we walk to the mall but before getting there we had to walk through what we call the 'windy' part of downtown Toronto. There's several highrises in a row on both sides of the street and this creates a really big wind tunnel. As we're walking, facing the wind, I look over at Nick and it seems like he's walking PARALLEL to the ground. He tells me the same thing. We finally arrive at the mall, which was mistake number four. The moment we walk in we feel this huge rush as the heat hits us our cold skin. This took the trip to a whole new level.

We walk in the mall, which is a pretty 'high-class' type of mall where all the yuppies shop, and see a horse. This is still a little foggy to me now, but I think that there WAS a wooden horse there, but life size. We both sort of try to ignore the horse, even though it was looking at us, and walk past it.

Walking through the mall, trying hard to not bump into people, was a very strange experience. I kept seeing people that I knew. I'd go up to them, start talking and then realize that I don't know that person and they'd just give me weird looks. We're both tired of walking and we find a bench to sit at. We sit there for a few minutes and just try to take it all in. I felt like I could hear, follow and understand five or six conversations going on around me, even if they were in a foreign tongue. Eventually, it just got to be sensory overload and I started getting freaked out again. By this time it was over five hours after the drop and I was starting to come down to just buzzing level, or so I thought. Nick was nearly sober since it hit him first. We decide to start heading home.

We get on the subway, at rush hour and it instally starts hitting us again. I finally look at Nick and realize that we haven't SPOKEN a word to each other for well over 4 hours. Somehow, we found this extremely funny and start laughing really loud in a crowded subway train. We ride the train to the end of the line while coming down even more and then we go our separate ways.

I head home, still feeling kind of weird. Get home, try to head straight for my room without facing my Mom but of course she see's me and asks me, 'So what'd you think of that snowstorm?' I reply, 'It was nothing.' and head for my room to listen to some Doors. This comment by my Mom finally made me realize WHY the 'air was moving' and we had that 'strange feeling'. It was snowing and we were sitting on a park bench.

Looking back now, it was really enjoyable experience and it made me realize that there IS more to the world than meets the eye. It's something I recommend to everyone, but not the way I did it. Find a comfortable setting and try to have someone who's not tripping with you in case something goes wrong and you need to be talked down. Think 'happy thoughts' and it will be a good experience.

The 'trip ladder' I wrote about above was just something I came up with to define how high I was. It's represented with your hands. You put your hands side by side, and define this as 'sober' or ground level. Then you move one of your hands up while to peak level, and as you start stepping down, you can 'illustrate' where you are. I've used this 'method' since and seems to be the best way to illustrate your 'degree of trippiness'.

Nuno Serrenho (adrenlin@io.org).