While in college, shortly after I turned 21, I went to a little diddy called SpringFest at a nearby University. At this festival was the typical fare, several stages, bands, food, games... and lots-o-beer. Now, I was thouroughly enjoying the tunes and atmosphere (read: drinking some) when I noticed this guy with a really cool SYF T-shirt, so I went over to have a chat....

So, I come over by the fella, and comment on how I really like his shirt (there were lots of heads there), and we start talking and stuff, when lo and behold he offers me a pipe. Super! I think, I take it, and begin to inhale, when right away, a Man in Blue grabs my arm rather tightly, and gives me the 'Allright, gotcha!' look. So, I apologize to him, thinking that my little incident will go unnoticed just like all those around me who are doing the same. Not so. He orders me to rise, and asks if he needs to cuff me. I'm just stammering, 'You're not *serious* are YOU? Look around!!?! Why me... etc.' So, he gets his fellow buddy and they escort me up the hill of the concert, off of campus to one of their squad cars just sitting in the wings, and ends up writing me a $356 ticket. Woah, not only did the ticket cost me a bunch of money that I didn't have, but the State that I was living in at the time had a law called the 'Smoke a joint-Lose yer license'. Great, so I get my driver's license revoked for 6 months for not even being near a car... Not only that, but I had to get a occupational license so I could still get to work, and one day I got out of class early, so I went to work 15 mins before my Occupational license said I could drive, and got pulled over for a muffler = Great, another $107 ticket for violating my Occ. License.

But that's still not the end of it. Here it is almost 3 years later, and I just got thrown out by my insurance company for liability insuarance because they found out I had a drug conviction. I have no driving tickets, but they said that it's easier to get insurance if you're a convicted drunk-driver than if you have a 'drug' conviction. So I asked my old agent, 'You mean it's easier for me to get car insurance if I get behind the wheel with a bottle of Jack Daniels, than if I keep my car in the garage, not even drive it, and have a joint after work at home?!?!'

Of course, logic fits nowhere into this scenario, and she responed very politically with 'Well, our underwriters see this as a much more serious risk.' --yeah, right.

Come on people. Get out there and make yourselves heard. We are a force, we're just not properly orgranized. This oppression we face is completely bunk!