Your email about the Drug Information Server is welcome at:

While I appreciate receiving interesting letters every day, I only stand a chance at being able to respond to your Archive submissions, comments, and (perish the thought!) bug reports. I'm sorry, but I can't answer a personal request for information, and I certainly can't "hook you up" with any sort of substance or give you any sort of "inside" information. If it isn't part of this archive, I don't have anything about it. Posting to one of the several alt.drugs Usenet newsgroups is the best way to ask a question or just shoot the shit with other interested people online.

Thank you for all the wonderful story submissions that I've seen since I took over moderation of the Archive. They're being edited and organized now and groups of them will be moving to the server every week to ten days. Thanks for your patience! Emailing with a subject line that describes your letter as a story or submission will help it stand out from the crowd. If you know how to use anonymous FTP, I prefer getting binaries by FTP over email any day. You can put them in /incoming/druginfo on anytime (please also email a brief description of your upload).

Unless you specifically request that your name or email address remain on a submission when it's posted, it is our practice to ALWAYS remove email headers, signatures, or other identifying marks from a message before they might be made available on the server. By providing complete anonymity to writers, we hope it will allow them to share their thoughts or experiences without fear of reprisal or rejection.. when you have nothing to fear and everything to gain, it's a rare chance to open up and be honest.

These pages aren't here to please advertisers or sell consumer products.. they're here to help people exchange ideas and information. This server is a collection of information from many different people and sources and it's always open to additional contributions from those who have something to add.

That's my $.02 for a while. I just wanted to provide some feedback in exchange for all the email that you guys (new visitors and our "regulars") have been sending me. :) I'm a little embarassed to admit that I've only just today (after writing this page) read the last moderator's User's Guide and found that he had already covered the the things that I mention above. Judging by how many people have emailed me asking, "Do you know where I can find [insert some substance here]?", some of you must have been going right past the User's Guide as well. Check it out! (adios)


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