This is a mirror of a historical site that is no longer being maintained. The originator of these pages is KevinTX, who is no longer administrating Paranoia. The domain is now owned by different people, so any email addresses listed here are obsolete. In an effort to keep all good entheogenically related sites alive and serving educational purposes, the Lycaeum will host these pages, forever...

A much more current Drug Archives Page can be found at:

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'It has been and will always be the case
that most Americans who use drugs
do so responsibly and in moderation'
- Ethan A. Nadelmann

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Your correspondence and submissions are still welcome at though I cannot answer your personal requests for drug information. If it's not here, I don't have it. File submissions can be put on under /incoming/druginfo by anonymous FTP. Please email with a description of your file. You can read more in our contact information.

There have been a lot of emails asking for advice or assistance with an upcoming piss test. Visit our drug testing area for reading on the subject. The Internet-produced Drug Testing FAQ (now the Anti Bladder Cops Society, formerly Fooling the Bladder Cops) is a wonderful resource on the subject. (27-Apr-97)