Hello from Amsterdam!

Hello to y'all from Freedonia! We're composing this page from terminals at the Internet Café in Amsterdam, with our slab of hash and baggie of dutch skunk. (You can contact users at these terminals by e-mailing to "visitor1" or "visitor2" @cafe.euronet.nl). The hash is even called "spoetnik" or something like that... A more complete report will be available on our return.

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We're back now. Wow, what a vacation! Amsterdam really is a slice of heaven. Delicious spacecakes, beautiful prostitutes, van Goghs by the truckload, more hash than you can shake a thai stick at, and a very friendly and welcoming city. Spent some time with the conosseurs at the Sensimilla Fanclub sampling their wares (big thumbs up for the Citral and Shiva), tasting their fine food and soaking up the terrific atmosphere -- it was like a fine wine tasting expedition with the herb substituted for the vine. Hit many coffeeshops (the Bulldog, the Grasshopper, Coffeeshop 36, the Coin, Free Adam, the Greenhouse Effect, the Internet Cafe, and more that my short-term memory was too disabled to recall the names of) and smoked some of the finest. It's hard to go back home to generic California Mex.

Over there, people leave roaches in the ashtrays that would bring good cash in the states. There's so much dope around that people don't have the same careful bong-resin-scraping chintzyness of their counterparts in the trenches of the drug war. The menus in the coffeeshops allow you to select from many varieties of domestic and imported hash and bud.

Also of interest -- and something I don't remember from a trip to Amsterdam a few years back -- is that psychedelic mushrooms are sold as openly as cannabis. You can typically choose between three or four different varieties of psychedelic mushrooms. A dose will probably cost you around 25 guilders. (We were also handed a flier by someone who runs a psychedelic mushroom delivery service in town).

Look for more complete reports of our journey, complete with incriminating photos and such as we get over jet-lag...

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