Newsgroups: za.schools
From: (Sashan Govender)
Date: 1996/04/09

A form of tattoo called "Blue Star" is being sold, especially to children. It is a piece of paper containing a blue star. They are the size of a pencil eraser and each star is soaked with LSD. The drug is absorbed through contact with the paper.

There are also pictures of the following:

  1. Superman
  2. Mickey Mouse
  3. Clowns
  4. Bart Simpson
  5. Disney Characters
  6. Butterflies
They are all laced with drugs

If found do not handle them since they react quickly and some contain Strychnine.

Symptoms: hallucinations, severe vomiting, uncontrollable laughing, mood changes and changes in body temperature.

From J O'Donnel - - Danbury Hospital Outpatient, Chemical Dependancy Treatment Service.

I (Sashan Govender) know nothing else about these drugs. I simply posted this message when I read about it today.

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