From: (Sysop)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban
Subject: Blue Star Tattoo Warning Sighting
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 94 15:24:00 -0800
->   I saw a Blue Star tattoo warning flier at a local nursery school!
-> I left a note for the school director, which I followed up with a
-> copy of the file I got via Mosaic from
-> afcondon/AFU/AFU-FAQ.html. She
-> appreciated the info but called the local Police Department anyhow.
-> They confirmed that it was a hoax, which they had seen many times
-> before, usually in the Fall. She traced it back at least one step and
-> got a local elementary school updated, hopefully. As with many of
-> these ULs, people resist debunking.

Today 6/9/94 at 11:48am PST on AM Radio Station KFWB (our local all news station here in the Southern California area) they made an anouncement that parents should be on the lookout for Blue Star tattoo (with Disney characters!) laced with LSD. They reported that one child has died from injesting one of these "blotter type" tattoos. They even had a quote from a Police Office saying" We at the Arciadia (bedroom community to LA) Police Department did not issue this warning as the flyer states, but we do feel that parents should be on the lookout for this."

Amazing!!! And on, and on it goes!

Dave Skoog

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