From: (Cynthia Kandolf)
Subject: Re: Blue Star UL Surfaces Yet Again.
Date: 2 Nov 93 22:42:09

A variation on this rumor surfaced in Trondheim about two weeks ago. In this variation, they were claiming that it was being sold at the city-run youth clubs, with the knowledge of the youth club leaders. The real kick to it is that at first a few police officers (who had perhaps been inhaling a little too much moustache wax) were saying that yes, there were lots of drugs in those youth clubs, parents must be very careful... and then three days later the police department officially denied that anything nastier than alcohol had ever actually been found at the clubs. They also stated that blotter acid had not been seen in Trondheim for ages, although other forms of LSD had.

An interesting point is that no one claimed these were stickers or tatoos, they were talking about straight blotter acid... but again, modern cartoon characters were mentioned, and it was claimed that the characters were used because they were so popular in the youth environment - in other words, this blotter acid was supposedly being made specifically to attract teenagers. Bart Simpson was definitely named as one of the characters being used.

The thing that's so sickeningly ironic, of course, is that this rumor could have convinced parents that the youth clubs were too dangerous, so they would forbid their teenagers from going there. This would take the kids out of an environment where at least there is something for them to do, and some adults to watch for serious trouble. Seems to me a badly bored, completely unsupervised teenager is more likely to get involved with drugs than one who has a place to hang out.

Cindy Kandolf
Trondheim, Norway

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