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>Subject: WARNING!!
>Author: Nancy Harnos
>Date Posted: 05/03/96 09:38 AM
>Date(s) of Event:  
>Deadline Date:  
>Expiration Date: 05/31/96
>Category: Announcements 
>I was passed the following information from a Pennsylvania friend, so thought 
>I'd pass it on in case anything like this is happening around here.  You can 
>take it with grain of salt, or do whatever, I'm just passing it on because if 
>there is an inkling of truth, then it's important!!!........
>"A form of tattoo called Blue Star" is being sold to school children.  It's a 
>small piece of paper containing a blue star.  They are the size of a pencil 
>eraser and each is soaked with LSD!
>The drug is absorbed through the skin by simply handling the paper.  There are 
>also brightly colored tattoos resembling postage stamps that have the picture 
>of one of the following:  Superman, Mickey Mouse, Disney characters, Bart 
>Simpson, and butterflies.  Each one is wrapped in foil.
>This is a new way of selling acid by appealing to younger children.  If your 
>child gets any of the above, do not handle them.  These are known to react 
>quickly and some are laced with strychnine.  Symptoms  include:  
>hallucinations, severe vomiting, uncontrolled laughter, mood changes and 
>changes in body temperature.  Please help spread the word within your 
>community and school district.
>Dr. David Fallinger, superintendent at the Pennsylvania Northwestern School 
>District, recently received this "alert" and is passing the information on to 
>parents and students.  This notice came to him from York Hospital and St. 
>Ignatius School in Reading, PA.
>I just copied word for word the newsletter as I received it and felt a great 
>need to make sure that you were all aware of it.

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