Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban
From: (Jared Dahl)
Subject: Re: blue star acid tattoos: more references?
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 16:32:49 GMT

Blue Star gets around more than the flu. Look what I just got in my mail.


A form of tatoo called "BLUE STAR" is being sold to school children. It is a small piece of paper containing a blue star. They are the size of a pencil eraser, and each star is soaked with L.S.D.

The drug is absorbed through the skin simply by handling the paper.

There are also brightly colored paper tatoos resembling postage stamps that have the picture of one of the following:

Superman Mickey Mouse Clowns
Disney Characters Bart Simpson Butterflies

This is a new way of selling acid by appealing to young children.

These are laced with drugs.

If your child gets any of the above, do not handle them. These are known to react quickly and some are laced with strychnine.

Symptoms: Hallucinations, severe vomiting, uncontrolled laughter, mood changes, change in body temperature.

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