"This is great. There just can't be enough of this sort of stuff on the web. The web is a real chance for us to educate the public and do an end run around the official propaganda machine."
--Terence McKenna

"I have 3 sites that I spend 98% of my online time at they are Terence McKenna Land, Sputnik, Hemp BC. This site has increased in quality every time I've checked in. Keep up the excellent work!"
--Clayton Scott

"Incredible page! I'm glad to see that there are fellow ethnobotanist that not only have an understanding of the pharmacology and chemistry inherent, but who also see the metaphysical aspects of mycology as well. We are definitely out there on the same wavelength! Again, absolutely fabulous page. you've found your calling!"

"Well I'm just mailing you to let you know that I think your web site is great. In fact it inspired me to put a new feature on my own web page, the great page of the month of which your page is the first..."
--"Digital Matrix"

"Over the moon at finding such a wealth of quality information and realistic (depending on what constitutes reality in the first place) comment on issues of consciousness expansion."
--Stig Richards

"I love the site. It's brilliant, probably the best drugs-related site I've managed to find so far. It's good to see someone providing useful information on drugs instead of trying to sell stuff."
--Kathryn Cassidy

"Thank you for the great Web sites. I am unabashedly pro-legalization (marijuana); I believe it's a matter of personal liberty, good economics and good environmental sense. However, even those of us who are devoutly anti-drug will find useful information on your site. Thanks again."
--Paul Shallbetter

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