The Sputnik Drug Information Zone

This is a "historical" snapshot of one of the finest "early" drug sites on the net. This page is no longer maintained, and most of the information at this site can be found at the Lycaeum, which is an actively maintained drug server!

What's new at Sputnik?

At this library of altered states of consciousness, you'll find:

The Natural Highs FAQ and Growing the Hallucinogens -- Exotic and mostly legal hallucinogenic and intoxicating plants -- how to grow them, how to use them, and their historical and cultural background. Check out our Plants pages for how to grow 'em, what they look like, where you can order 'em, and what it'll cost you.
The Sputnik Magic Mushroom Pages -- Quite possibly the best resource on the net for the magic mushroom cultivator and/or hunter. Growing guides and field guides -- all nicely hypertextualized and illustrated.
The Sputnik Cannabis Pages -- Hypertext growers' guides and other information about Cannabis the plant.
The Fitz Hugh Ludlow Hypertext Library -- Information on pre-prohibition cannabis use and knowledge. Includes the complete texts of Ludlow's "The Hasheesh Eater," DeQuincey's opium confessions, and many other literary, scientific and journalistic descriptions of drug use in the 19th Century.
"LSD - My Problem Child" by Albert Hofmann -- The original synthesizer of LSD tells the story of the birth and early childhood of this amazing substance.
Chemical Extraction from Plants -- A series of reports instructing the kitchen chemist in extracting DMT, LAA, harmine/harmaline, psilocybin/psilocin, mescaline and other fun substances from their plant sources.
The Methylamine FAQ -- Having a hard time finding methylamine? Make your own!
The Psychedelic Kitchen Chemistry guide
Mind Food of the Gods -- Works by and about meme juggler and apocalyptic neurotransient Terence McKenna.
The "Blue Star" LSD Tattoo Urban Legend Page. Are drug dealers hooking school-kids on drug-laced cartoon tattoos? Naah. But the legend won't die.

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    Miscellaneous Nitrous Oxide Opiates PCP
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  • Brain, Mind, Epistemology, &c
  • The Gracie & Zarkov Pages
  • Graeme Carl's Psychedelic Level System
  • Interesting ideas
  • The Sputnik Wanted Page
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • A List of Internet Drug Information Resources.
  • The Drug War Survival Guide
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