Periodical search: ACID HOUSE

Billboard 14-Jan-88 "Acid House: U.K. Rage in '88"
"In the UK, 1988 will be remembered as the year acid house music blossomed
 in underground clubs. The music is influenced by late-1960s psychedelia"

Melody Maker 27-FEB-88 "Albums"
"Tyree, a rising producer of acid house music, explains it's origins, and
 Jamie Principle, whose new acid-track single is "Baby Wants to Ride,"
 discusses his influences."

Melody Maker 30-APR-88 "Live!"
"Jacqueline Harte reviews a concert by the rock groups The Palookas and the
 Inca Babies at the Ecstasy Club in Berlin West Germany."

Spectator 13-AUG-88 "Ecstasy for the Under-20s"
"Dance music, including hip-hop and acid house, is the new orthodoxy on the
 top 40 chart, making for an anonymous chart and a relatively boring one.
 The vacuous dance music craze is discussed and contrasted with Graham
 Parker's fresh new release, "The Mona Lisa's Sister."

Melody Maker 20-AUG-88 "The Road to Utopia"
"England is asking the question "What is Acid House?" It is LSD-inspired
 dance music which also sired Balearic Beat."

New Statesman & Society 2-SEP-88 "Forbidden Fruits"
"The "acid-house" phenomenon is a typically British response to new music.
 A technical mistake is at the heart of the acid sound, which is meant to be
 experienced as the listener samples "ecstasy," a new designer drug."

Village Voice 6-SEP-88 "House Rules"
"The craze over acid house music in Britain has a strange symbol - the yellow
 smiley face."

Melody Maker 17-SEP-88 "Shrink Rap"
"Musician Billy Mackenzie discusses Acid House music. his heroes, success,
 Prince, Scritti Politti, country and western music, his nationality, and

Melody Maker 8-OCT-88 "Flashbacks"
"The rock group Garden of Eden's Acid House video was recently featured at
 a club opening in Tokyo Japan. The opening was orchestrated by Tim Simenon
 and Mark Moore, veterans of the British Acid House scene. The Japanese
 seem to be turning to Acid House after tiring of heavy metal."

Melody Maker 29-OCT-88 "Loving Feelings"
"John Marsh and Steve Waddington of the rock group The Beloved are briefly
 interviewed. The discuss the loss of the other band members, their new
 single ("Loving Feeling"), and their use of the Acid House sound."

Melody Maker 29-OCT-88 "Ecstasy Daze"
"Members of the rock group MDMA are briefly profiled. The group's music
 blends influences from both rock and black music. They are currently on tour
 to promote "Evidence," their new single."

Melody Maker 5-NOV-88 "Night Trick Acid"
"Todd and Terry records house music under several names, including Orange
 Lemon and Swan Lake. He discusses the definition of Acid House."

Variety 16-NOV-88 "UK Papers Attack Acid House for Association with Drug Use"
"The media and the police are opposing acid house, and "Top of the Pops" has
 banned songs or bands with the word "acid" in their name."

Melody Maker 19-NOV-88 "Psychedelic Suburbs"
"The Acid House rock group Adrenalin M.O.D. is briefly profiled. The band has
 just released a new single entitled "O-O-O," and acid remixes of Cabaret
 Voltiare and Gary Numan songs may be in the works."

Melody Maker 3-DEC-88 "Hit the North"
"The dance club scene in Manchester England is briefly described. "North," a
 compilation album of some of the city's finest Acid House/dance groups has
 been released."

Melody Maker 3-DEC-88 "Ford Escorts"
"Songwriter Peter of the rock group Baby Ford is profiled. He describes his
 love of rhythm and atmosphere in music, and offers his thoughts on the
 Acid House music scene."

Melody Maker 3-DEC-88 "Smiley's People"
"DJ, record producer, and computer wizard Tim Simenon of the rock group
 Bomb the Bass is profiled and interviewed. He discusses the success that he
 has enjoyed as an audio engineer and his thoughts on Acid House music."

Melody Maker 10-DEC-88 "Propheteering"
"The Peace Prophet, a man who hands out flowers at English Acid House dance
 clubs, offers his thoughts on world peace and "The Spirit." The Peace
 Prophet intends to release a speech on record in the near future."

Melody Maker 10-DEC-88 "Age of Chance"
"Rock musician Eon, also known as Ian Beta, is briefly profiled. His new
 Acid House dance single, entitled "Light, Color, Sound," is an example of
 his unconventional approach to recording."

Melody Maker 10-DEC-88 "Albums: Various Artists"
"Louise Gray reviews the "History of House," a boxed set of 14 albums of
 Acid House music by various artists."

Punch 16-DEC-88 "Rainbow Chaser"
"Sally Vincent reviews "The Rainbow," a dramatic production on BBC 1, the
 "World in Action" (Granada) report on Acid House music and "Jam Today,"
 a documentary about personal debt on BBC 2."

Melody Maker 17-DEC-88 "Albums: Various Artists"
"Simon Turner reviews the album "North - The Sound of the Dance Underground"
 a collection of Acid House music by various artists."

New Statesman & Society 23-DEC-88 "The Fall of the Acid Reign"
"Pop chroniclers of Acid House spent the latter part of 1988 attempting to
 define it, but Acid House isn't just another new subculture in the chain
 leading back to the 1960s. The Summer of Acid House is surveyed."

Melody Maker 24-DEC-88 "Pulse Beats"
"The major developments on European body music during 1988 are examined.
 Both Acid House and Detroit Techno had an influence on the genre. Major
 exponents included Yello, Front 242, Skinny Puppy, and Nitzer Ebb."

Melody Maker 24-DEC-88 "Acid House"
"The major developments in Acid House music during 1988 are examined. The
 British dance club scene underwent a radical shift toward the genre early
 in the year. While Acid House is still a cohesive musical force, it is now
 beginning to break up into smaller offshoot movements."

Melody Maker 4-FEB-89 "Shamen: Altered States"
"The members of the rock group Shamen are profiled and interviewed. With the
 release of their new album, entitled "In Gorbachev We Trust," the band has
 effected the first real cross-pollination between Acid House and pop.
 They've also brought up a host of questions over rights and wrongs of

Melody Maker 4-FEB-89 "Stud Brothers"
"The following purveyors of New Beat, the Belgian dance-floor sensation that
 appears to be replacing Acid House in England, are interviewed: Morton,
 Sherman, Bellucci and Jade 4U."

Punch 10-FEB-89 "What Young People Are Coming To (Again)"
"Acid House is alive and screaming in London. The drug-related ritual of
 Acid House is expored."

Melody Maker 25-FEB-89 "Live! Tyree"
"Paul Oldfield reviews a concert by the Acid House rock musician Tyree at
 the Sin in London England."

Billboard 20-MAY-89
"Jersey Sound: Music Evolved from the Garage Scene Invades UK"
"The British have become fascinated with New Jersey garage bands. The music
 has reached the top of the UK charts. When acid house became nothing more
 than a trend, the British turned to garage music."

Melody Maker 15-JUL-89 "Acid Truth"
"The attention that the press and tabloids of the UK have paid to large
 Acid House parties for young people that supposedly feature the use of
 ecstasy and other drugs is examined. It appears that the press has grossly
 exaggerated the drug use at the parties."

Melody Maker 15-JUL-89 "Biff Bang Pow!"
"Bob Stanley reviews the album "The Acid House Album," by the rock group
 Biff Bang Pow!"

New Statesman & Society 13-OCT-89 "Acid Enterprise"
"A history of acid house parties is offered. Though they were originally
 underground affairs, enterpreneurs soon began promoting thier own parities,
 making them mainstream affairs."

Punch 27-OCT-89 "The World According to Mr. Punch"
"An editorial notes that the British police seem to employ the same delight
 in cracking down on Acid House parties that they displayed years ago while
 bashing in the heads of hippies."

Spectator 4-NOV-89 "A Case of Acid Indigestion"
"An 'Acid House' party, to be held in the English countryside, is described.
 These parties are illegal gatherings where teenagers dance to popular music
 acts. They are illegal because the sponsors don't bother with obtaining an
 entertainment license."