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-- The snare drum! Lay yer lug till the groun. The dead giant
manalive! They're playing thimbles and bodkins. Clan of the
Gael! Hop! Whu's within?
-- Dovegall and finshark, they are ring to the rescune !
-- Zinzin. Zinzin.
-- Crum abu! Cromwell to victory!
-- We'll gore them and gash them and gun them and gloat on
-- Zinzin.
-- O, widows and orphans, it's the yeomen! Redshanks for
ever! Up Lancs!
-- The cry of the roedeer it is! The white hind. Their slots,
linklink, the hound hunthorning ! Send us and peace ! Title ! Title !
-- Christ in our irish times! Christ on the airs independence!
Christ hold the freedman's chareman! Christ light the dully
-- Slog slagt and sluaghter! Rape the daughter! Choke the
-- Aure ! Cloudy father ! Unsure ! Nongood !
-- Zinzin.
-- Sold! I am sold! Brinabride! My ersther! My sidster!
Brinabride, goodbye! Brinabride! I sold!
-- Pipette dear! Us! Us! Me! Me!
-- Fort! Fort! Bayroyt! March!
-- Me! I'm true. True! Isolde. Pipette. My precious!
-- Zinzin.
-- Brinabride, bet my price ! Brinabride !
-- My price, my precious?
-- Zin.
-- Brinabride, my price! When you sell get my price!
-- Zin.
-- Pipette ! Pipette, my priceless one !
-- O ! Mother of my tears ! Believe for me ! Fold thy son !
-- Zinzin. Zinzin.
-- Now we're gettin it. Tune in and pick up the forain
counties ! Hello !

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