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and suspended, and placed in irons into some drapyery institution
off the antipopees for wordsharping only if he was klanver enough
to pass the panel fleischcurers and the fieldpost censor. Gach!
For that is a fullblown fact and well celibated before the four
divorce courts and all the King's paunches, how he has the
solitary from seeing Scotch snakes and has a lowsense for the
production of consumption and dalickey cyphalos on his brach
premises where he can purge his contempt and dejeunerate into a
skillyton be thinking himself to death. Rot him! Flannelfeet!
Flattyro! I will describe you in a word. Thou. (I beg your pardon.)
Homo! Then putting his bedfellow on me! (like into mike and
nick onto post). The criniman: I'll give it to him for that! Making
the lobbard change hisstops, as we say in the long book! Is he
on whosekeeping or are my! Obnoximost posthumust! With his
unique hornbook and his prince of the apauper's pride,
blundering all over the two worlds! If he waits till I buy him a
mosselman's present! Ho's nos halfcousin of mine, pigdish! Nor wants
to! I'd famish with the cuistha first. Aham!
-- May we petition you, Shaun illustrious, then, to put his
prentis' pride in your aproper's purse and to unravel in your own
sweet way with words of style to your very and most
obsequient, we suggested, with yet an esiop's foible, as to how?
-- Well it is partly my own, isn't it? and you may, ought and
welcome, Shaun replied, taking at the same time, as his hunger
got the bitter of him, a hearty bite out of the honeycomb of his
Braham and Melosedible hat, tryone, tryon and triune. Ann
wunkum. Sure, I thunkum you knew all about that, honorey causes,
through thelemontary channels long agum. Sure, that is as old as
the Baden bees of Saint Dominoc's and as commonpleas now to
allus pueblows and bunkum as Nelson his trifulgurayous pillar.
However. Let me see, do. Beerman's bluff was what begun it, Old
Knoll and his borrowing! And then the liliens of the veldt, Nancy
Nickies and Folletta Lajambe ! Then mem and hem and the
jaquejack. All about Wucherer and righting his name for him. I regret
to announce, after laying out his litterery bed, for two days she
kept squealing down for noisy priors and bawling out to her

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