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came along merendally his stockpot dinner of a half a pound or
round steak, very rare, Blong's best from Portarlington's Butchery,
with a side of riceypeasy and Corkshire alla mellonge and bacon
with (a little mar pliche!) a pair of chops and thrown in from the
silver grid by the proprietoress of the roastery who lives on the
hill and gaulusch gravy and pumpernickel to wolp up and a
gorger's bulby onion (Margareter, Margaretar
Margarasticandeatar) and as well with second course and then finally, after
his avalunch oclock snack at' Appelredt's or Kitzy Braten's of
saddlebag steak and a Botherhim with her old phoenix portar,
jistr to gwen his gwistel and praties sweet and Irish too and mock
gurgle to whistle his way through for the swallying, swp by swp,
and he getting his tongue arount it and Boland's broth broken
into the bargain, to his regret his soupay avic nightcap, vitellusit,
a carusal consistent with second course eyer and becon (the rich
of) with broad beans, hig, steak, hag, pepper the diamond bone
hotted up timmtomm and while'twas after that he scoffed a
drakeling snuggily stuffed following cold loin of veal more cabbage and
in their green free state a clister of peas, soppositorily petty, last.
P.S. but a fingerhot of rheingenever to give the Pax cum
Spiritututu. Drily thankful. Burud and dulse and typureely jam, all
free of charge, aman, and. And the best of wine avec. For his
heart was as big as himself, so it was, ay, and bigger! While the
loaves are aflowering and the nachtingale jugs. All St Jilian's of
Berry, hurrah there for tobies ! Mabhrodaphne, brown pride of our
custard house quay, amiable with repastful, cheerus graciously,
cheer us! Ever of thee, Anne Lynch,he's deeply draiming!
Houseanna! Tea is the Highest! For auld lang Ayternitay! Thus
thicker will he grow now, grew new. And better and better on
butterand butter. At the sign of Mesthress Vanhungrig. However!
Mind you, nuckling down to nourritures, were they menuly some
ham and jaffas, and I don't mean to make the ingestion for the
moment that he was guilbey of gulpable gluttony as regards
chewable boltaballs, but, biestings be biestings, and upon the whole,
when not off his oats, given prelove appetite and postlove pricing
good coup, goodcheap, were it thermidor oogst or floreal may

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