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greeding. Angus! Angus! Angus! The keykeeper of the keys of
the seven doors of the dreamadoory in the house of the
household of Hecech saysaith. Whitmore, whatmore? Give it over,
give it up! Mawgraw! Head of a helo, chesth of champgnon, eye
of a gull! What you'd if he'd. The groom is in the greenhouse,
gattling out his. Gun! That lad's the style for. Lannigan's ball!
Now a drive on the naval! The Shallburn Shock. Never mind
your gibbous. Slip on your ropen collar and draw the noosebag
on your head. Nobody will know or heed you, Postumus, if you
skip round schlymartin by the back and come front sloomutren
to beg in one of the shavers' sailorsuits. Three climbs
threequickenthrees in the garb of nine. We'll split to see you mouldem
imparvious. A wing for oldboy Welsey Wandrer! Well spat,
witty wagtail! Now piawn to bishop's forthe! Moove. There's
Mumblesome Wadding Murch cranking up to the
hornemoonium. Drawg us out Ivy Eve in the Hall of Alum! The finnecies of
poetry wed music. Feeling the jitters? You'll be as tight as Trivett
when the knot's knutted on. Now's your never! Peena and
Queena are duetting a giggle-for-giggle and the brideen
Alannah is lost in her diamindwaiting. What a magnificent gesture
you will show us this gallus day. Clean and easy, be the hooker !
And a free for croaks after. Dovlen are out for it. So is Rathfinn.
And, hike, here's the hearse and four horses with the
interprovincial crucifixioners throwing lots inside to know whose to be
their gosson and whereas to brake the news to morhor. How
our myterbilder his fullen aslip. And who will wager but he'll
Shonny Bhoy be, the fleshlumpfleeter from Poshtapengha and all
he bares sobsconcious inklings shadowed on soulskin'. Its segnet
yores, the strake of a hin. Nup. Laying the cloth, to fore of them.
And thanking the fish, in core of them. To pass the grace for
Gard sake! Ahmohn. Mr Justician Matthews and Mr Justician
Marks and Mr Justician Luk de Luc and Mr Justinian
JohnstonJohnson. And the aaskart, see, behind! Help, help, hurray!
Allsup, allsop ! Four ghools to nail ! Cut it down, mates, look slippy!
They've got a dathe with a swimminpull. Dang! Ding! Dong!
Dung! Dinnin. Isn't it great he is swaying above us for his good

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