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[1:6 135.30] of the whole as a port for a whale; Dear Hewitt Castello, Equerry,
were daylighted with our outing and are looking backwards to
unearly summers, from Rhoda Dundrums; is above the seedfruit

[1:6 190.29] slackly shirking both your bullet and your billet, you beat it
backwards like Boulanger from Galway (but he combed the grass
against his stride) to sing us a song of alibi, (the cuthone call over

[2:8 248.18] is cut out for an oldeborre I'm Flo, shy of peeps, you know. But
when he beetles backwards, ain't I fly? Pull the boughpee to see
how we sleep. Bee Peep ! Peepette! Would you like that lump of

[2:10 368.2] Guns.
Keep backwards, please, because there was no good to gundy
running up again. Guns. And it was written up in big capital.

[3:12 419.24] at that for a ridingpin! I am, thing Sing Larynx, letter potent to
play the sem backwards like Oscan wild or in shunt Persse
transluding from the Otherman or off the Toptic or anything off the

[3:12 426.34] as the wisest postlude course he could playact, collaspsed in
ensemble and rolled buoyantly backwards in less than a
twinkling via Rattigan's corner out of farther earshot with his highly

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