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Smells like rubbing alcohol

Fear and Loathing-raised curiosity

Substances: Ether, Marijuana, Salvia divinorum

I had this really wierd dream the other night....

I had been waiting quite a long time for the opportunity to watch myself behave in that awful manner that we are all too familiar with lately thanks to "Fear and Loathing". One of my friends had been teasing me all summer with his access to diethyl ether as he works in some kind of a lab. I kept telling him he needed to try it and one day I guess he finally listened to me because when I ran into him he started asking me how much I wanted when earlier he had refused to get me any.
* * *
As soon as my friend L walks up the steps to the porch I immediately bust out the brown laboratory looking bottle and dumped some of it onto a handkercheif as soon as L sat down we took turns breathing from it. It smelled filthy it smells exactly like rubbing alcohol except its as if it went bad or something. We both feel rather light headed and giggley but we noticed that rag dried really quicky(I was later in formed that ether boils at well below room temperature) and I was about to splash some more on when D comes out of the house complaining of feminine cramping. This immediately prompted me to bust out a huge bowl and start passing it around. This was certainly a large ammount for three people and D begged off quickly so L and I got really stoned, I mean I felt fairly messed up. But that doesn't stop us from soaking the rag twice more. The combination was interesting the world was swimming when I had my eyes open and I really did have numb tongue but it was especially cool with my eyes closed. It seemed as though my vision had narrowed down to a small softball size hole while the rest was shrouded in darkness. Inside the hole were extremely colorful, strangely hilairious, symmetrical melting hallcinations they were so fluid and peaceful it was kind of like watching a lava-lamp only infinitely cooler.
* * *
Walking was fairly easy(unlike in the movie) though I did feel like my limbs were made of lead. We had ended up walking around looking for friends who proved elusive so when we get back to the house we lit up another bowl, at this point in the dream the players have changed to myself, B, K, and G. We get really high but I'm kind of tired because by now(45 mins later) the ether has basically worn off but has left me feeling out of it. Then K suggests that we smoke some salvia, we all agree. While we are preparing for this R walks in from work and wants to get in on the ether so I bust it out and dash some on the rag for him he, huffs it furiously then he hands it to me and wants me to check if there's any left, and of course there was and I end up getting a huge whiff and getting all woozey and the next thing I know G's waterpipe is coming at me with my party bowl full of salvia sandwiched between two layers of MJ I think by the time the bowl kicks I get around six massive lungfulls.
Here's where my memory gets hazy. I slumped back on the couch and felt my body disappear. I remeber a sense of falling way down as if to the center of the earth and then when I sort of reasched my destination I was flying through it. I felt very surrounded in a cosy way as if I was a little kid inside a blanket fort.I had some great closed eye visuals all sorts of melty spheres(lots of them at once kind of like earlier but far more alive, I really wish I could remember more but I just can't explain it right, it all seemed very real and looked extremely beatiful.
* * *
The next day I woke up feeling pleasantly high but I had a strong desire to stay away from the foul smelling ether for a while, which pleased me a great deal as people had been talking of it's addictive powers but frankly I can't see how you could keep doing something that disgusting for too long, whatever maybe that's just me.

Created 8/14/2000 15:16:38
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