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The Cookie Universe & Finnish mushrooms

A chocolatey experience

Substances: Marijuana, Psilocybe semilanceata, Peganum harmala

The Good Sunday Experiments

Location: Finland
Substances: Psil. semilanceata + MJ + Harmin + Chokolate cookies !
Goal: Increasing intensity without increasing dosage

I once knew a Finnish guy that collected about 100 liberty caps. The plan was to ingest 10 mushrooms on three succeeding Sundays. The goal of this experiment was to achive higher trip levels without increasing the dosage (a paradox !). Some high quality buds and an harmine extract was used as the psychonauts little helpers.

On the first Sunday our brave explorer made a horrible tea out of the dried mushrooms. Mild intoxication and nausea was experienced during the first hours. The peak was very easy and went almost immediately away. The whole experience took place at my home. On the following day I felt quite rested and ready for my next experinece.

On the following Sunday I repeated the experience and made some MJ ready. This time I also used some harmin extract and mixed it in the mushroom tea. The first hours was identical (except no nausea !) and I enjoyed very much the whole trip. Then it all changed. I had taken the tea and deceided to go for a walk with a friend. We walked to an ancient burial ground near my house. The burial ground is maybe from the Stone Ages and it consists of huge piles of rocks and small man-made grasshills. In other words, the surrounding was quite perfect and inspirating.

We lit the joint and began to smoke. To my surprise the smoke changed into a blue-emerald liquid that could be inhaled or exhaled. This was almost the only effect that we got out of the weed. Maybe we should have smoked sooner the joint and not waited for so long. The rest of the experince consisted of mellow moods and we listeded to some chill-out music in my room. During the next days I felt quite tired and overwhelmed by this experience. I reflected on it and theorized how it could have been more intense.

After these two successful experiments I decided it was time to change the setting. On the last Sunday I made a foul smelling and tasting drink of the shrooms and the harmine extract. I and my friend we walked to a nearby birchforest and drank during the walk the "Mushroom Huasca". We waited an hour and then we smoked some extremely strong buds (a mix of Sativa & Indica). The mushroom peaked exactly at the same moment that the MJ hit our front-brain.

The result of this THC and Psilocybin crash was extremely interesting. Time stood for an hour still and we were too high for any coherent discussion to take place. I remember that I ate a chocolate cookie with orange marmelade filling. The cookie tasted like cardboard from space and I almost fainted by the strong sensations it caused to my tastebuds. I looked inside the halfeaten cookie and there it was; a universe consisting of small twinkling stars, suns and circulating planets.

Somehow I was able to gaze inside this "cookie universe" and see the infinity that lie inside cookies. I tried staggering to describe what I saw to my equally stoned friend, and I remember myself calmly saying: " I think the sky is trapped inside my chocolate cookie..." All in all the intensive experience lasted only 1/2 an hour but it seemed to have lasted 10 hours. This was certanly a entheogenic experience that made myself think seriously of the energy that dwells inside objects.

Now it has been 1 week since my last experience and Im starting to feel like my normal self. As a consequence to my three experiments I've not touched any bottle or any weed since that eartquaking Sunday. These three weeks was maybe the most intensive weeks of my life.

A experiment worth repeating.

- The Colonel

Created 8/14/2000 15:16:33
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