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A successful trip

Substances: Salvia divinorum

Good God, I don't know how to explain what just happened.

I should preface this with the warning to myself that I was told "don't write about it, don't tell about it" by some voice in my imagination.

I got the idea that "they" don't care if I tell about it, it was just a warning to explain the futility of capturing what just happened in words. It would be dangerous for someone to take this too literally, but every word is true.

Today, like yesterday, I took a single "hit" of dried Salvia divinorum through a glass waterpipe. I loaded the bowl with as much crushed material as would possibly fit, maybe one large leaf and no more than 1/2 a gram.

I exhaled completely, held a lighter to the bowl, and inhaled slowly and steadily, smoking about %80 of the material in one long draw. Near the end of the draw, I closed my eyes tightly. I then continued to inhale atmospheric air, pushing the smoke as deep inside as is possible. I held it intentionally for as long as I could, maybe 30 seconds.

After about 15 seconds, I realised that I could hold my breath as long as I wanted. My cells seemed to still be repirating somehow, and I thought that breathing is really a luxury, something we do out of habit more than anything else. This alarmed me, and I exhaled. While I exhaled, I recieved a flood of colorful vision, swirling patterns of light against a dark, outerspace-like background. This swirl formed a tunnel, which lead from somewhere in front of me (maybe 20 yards in front of my center of vision) to "behind" my eyes. By thinking about it, I could move my perspective a little bit. My peripheral vision and imagination was filled with what seemed like two beings. One was old and male, one was young and female. They were encouraging me to look straight through the tube, alinging my center of vision with it. Well, this tube thing was very soft and flexible, and any attempt to look through the end caused it to wrinkle somewhere in the middle, ruining my straight view through it. After some practice, I was able to get a brief glimpse into a fractal dimension of untold complexity. Around the "mouth" of this tube were several other tubes, each with the same view inside. I was presented with the fact that these tubes were the building blocks of cellular matter, and the word "nucleitide" was loud in my head. I dont even know what it really means, but the voice was telling me that is waht I was looking at. They were saying "a little to the right, come on, dont wait until you are dead to see this, it is great!" The whole thing, while fascinating, had a bit of a nausea-like flavor due to the phyiscal/mental "turbulence" I described yesterday (like my mind is doing somersaults).

After giving up my effort to hold the tube straight enough to see through, I remembered that I existed, and I realised I was coming down. The mouth of the tube drew away from me, or I fell away from it. It was like coming out of a black hole, and then being able to observe the mouth suddenly. The "entities" evaporated with the distance, but their voices remained. They sang "don't write about it, don't tell, they wont understand and they'll call you crazy". I'm still not sure why I am ignoring their advice.

The tube can be visualized somewhat by imagining a funnel. It felt like a diagram I have seen of a black hole. An index card, covered with a grid. The center of the grid is pulled onto another plane, and the result is a funnel shape. This funnel connects the black area behind the eyes to a distant coordinate in time/space. It is a chunk of hyperspace I've never seen before. Aside from the two voices and "presences" which I could not visually see, the place looked uninhabited. They seemed sad for me to leave, and frustrated at my lack of navigational skill. I'd like to try this again, but it was somewhat terrifying. There was no "drug" effect, no clouding of the intellect. There was no "ego loss" or other "typical" psychedelic effect.

The tube was formed by reality itself (meaning what I usually take for "reality") curving in upon itself. Though short on the visual end, this experience is similar to DMT more than anything else. The feeling of being shot out of a cannon into hyperspace was there, but I was peering through a keyhole where dmt blasts you into the middle of the room.

I'd like to add that while this was all very "mental" in nature, the pressure and resistance of the tubes were extremely physical, completly melding the concepts of mental and physical into a hybrid which is a more accurate way of viewing thought as a phenomenon, or so it seemed.

Another word about technique- I did try again taking several small hits in as quick a time as possible, to no avail. It is neccesary to take it all as one giant hit, and to hold it as long as possible. This was done in a darkened room, no music, nobody home. 5 minutes after the fact, my head is still spinning, but I am very near baseline.

Don't give up if you haven't had luck with this plant. I cannot vent my amazement and impressive success enough.

Created 8/14/2000 15:16:29
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