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DMT in Waterpipe

A novel technique

Substances: DMT, Salvia divinorum

Good evening earthlings-

Tonight I was abducted by space aliens, and they made me memorize this message, which is here typed backwards, so to get the true meaning, please read from EOF to this point---> .

I was a bit bored, feeling rather drawn into mundane life lately. Although I did take some ayahuasca yesterday (another story entirely), I felt the need to explore the inner universe a little more. While still feeling spiritually woozy from the ayahuasca, I decided to do something frivolous, which I figured would not work. Sloppy experimentation, indeed! It worked all too well, luckily for the better.

I discovered a smoking technique which is quite new to me. It may be common knowledge, but I have never heard of it being done.

I added 50mg n,n-dmt to 1 dried salvia divinorum leaf (just lazily dropping the crystals into a wrinkle created by the dry leaf). This was carefully placed into a glass funnel, which was connected to a plastic tube, itself running into a 2-liter green tea bottle containing water. A 2nd tube led out of the bottle, completing the conventional "bong" design.

The two inhalations I took were so smooth that I was sure the experiment would be ineffectual. I have found that I need at least two salvia leaves in this manner to get an effect, and more is better.

However, the effects were so weird that I am not sure what was the salvia and what was the dmt. I am rather familiar with both, and this experience was a synergy unlike either of them alone.

Perhaps a subconcious slip, thinking this would not work, I left some music playing. I did darken the lights, as is my ritual for either of these compounds (I usually insist on silence as well). For the record, the soundtrack was "J Mascis-Marting and Me" which is rough acoustic love/depression songs. Not what I would have picked for any entheogenic journey, though his aesthetic and melodies were dramatically enhanced.

The first thing I noticed was the increase in head pressure, that was how I knew the dmt was wokring. I didnt taste or feel it at all, but I am familiar with my head's apparent "thickness" tightening like a spiral to indicate the onset of the dmt trip. As often reported there was a high-pitched whine, accelerating in frequency. For the first time ever, I was lucidly aware of this happening as it did. I recalled reading about it, and started laughing. I was so clear of head, and the music was so undistorted, that I reached up and turned on the light, quite sure that the experiment was over.

Upon doing so, I knew immediately how wrong I was. The (paper- this is an ancient japanese house) walls were throbbing with new color. For a moment, I watched the landscape painted upon them morph and cycle, and briefly studied them inside their cultrual context, thinking about art in genral and how japanese art got to where it was when these things were painted. That fell apart like an antique rikshaw on a rocky road as the dmt took its course. The walls became more and more WEIRD as the passing of time continued. I felt perfectly normal, but felt like I was inside some spacecraft, or chamber, a heart perhaps. I'm not sure what the two atmospheres have in common, but I had no other models handy to drop this experience into. The corners became very rounded, it reminded me of some tube-like passageway in the movie "Krull" which I barely remember. Things took on a very light color, though still rainbow and vibrant, like pastel rainbows perhaps.

Grotesque yet amusing textures appeared on the walls, making me feel again as if I was inside the bowels of some giant creature. There were veiny things, ripples and folds, and irregular protusions. Perhaps I had merely retreated into my own body, but I hope not.

Throughout all of this, the music remained crystal clear, I could understand every word, though in hindsight I don't think I knew what it meant, just that it was familiar. Focusing on this music brought me down, reinforcing my belief that silence is the best policy, especially for chickens like me. I need all the help I can get in "breaking through", and I felt the music to be a tether to the normal world.

Somewhat comically, I had IRC #visionary running at the time, and I felt impelled to communicate what had happened while it was fresh in my mind. I thought I had come down, but as soon as i started typing, as if being punished for sharing my secret, the walls melted gain, and the linguistic structures involved in breaking thoughts into words and words into keystrokes melted as well. It was comical to me, I couldn't stop laughing.

Perhaps this is not the most efficient method to ingest dmt, the trip did fall short of what I would expect from a carefully vaporized does of 50mg... However, if one happens to have an ample supply of dmt, this is certainly a joyous, ecstatic way to use it, painlessly. I would suggest this technique for first timers, those who want to dip their feet into the icy waters of the tryptamine dimension (though I hold equal stock in diving in).

Created 8/14/2000 15:16:18
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