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Datura Tea

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Substances: Datura

Hmmm, I have a most curious trip to tell you about, it began with a little bit of reading about datura, and I liked what I heard, I thought about going and getting myself some, you know, checking in plant stores and such, but decided against it, so I ordered viable seeds from an online source. I have a photo-tron, so when my seeds came in the mail, I quikly plugged it in, got some fresh soil and began my adventure. I remember when the first sprouts came, I got so excited, my plant was really growing, everyday I could see how much it had grown, I used no fertilizer just a little love for the plant. It bagan to get it's second set of leaves, then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, and so on. One day I noticed a small growth coming from between 1 set of leaves, everyday it got bigger and bigger, then I knew what it was, it was a flower pod, My plant was finally flowering!!!! it blossomed with bluish colored flowers, (it was datura stramonium) and that plant was the best thing I had ever put effort into (i'm 17). Then came the seed pods, the spiny little fuckers, look like a crab-apple with spikes (hence the name thorn apple). Well after a spring and summer of waiting I decided to make my brew, I gently removed 1 leaf, 1 flower, and 1 seed pod from the plant, makeing sure not to hurt it too much. I then cut the pod into pieces, seeds and all, then I got a pot, and put some water on the boil. I wasn't sure what I was going to experience. I got all my plant pieces and put them into the boiling water, I let it boil untill there was barely any water left, maybe a cm or 2. then I added a couple more cups of water and let it boil down again, then I did it 1 more time, and I had myself datura tea. I sipped it a little and decided that i wasn't able to just dump it down my throat, so i got a straw, then i could drink and not taste it. I drank it and it was gone, I felt nothing, i felt nothing........... I felt nothing. I went to sleep feeling very sad that I had misfigured my plant for nothing. When I awoke, I found that I had awoken from a 3 hour black-out my friends said I was picking things up that weren't there, I was talking to people that weren't there. But when i woke from that black-out, I remember everything from then on. I remember not being able to read anything, because of the extreme blurred vision when looking at small objects or print, I remember having very long conversations with friends that weren't there, It wasn't anything important just general chat, most of it strangly was centered around how I made the tea, and I was making tea in the kitchen again, but I had no pots or pans, just going through the motions, (as it would look from a bystanders POV), but the most interesting part were the UFO's in the sky I think I counted 13 of them, 1 was hovering over the next door house, they would just fly everywhere, at first I thought they were satilites but then I decided they HAD to be ufo's. I had a strange body high too, it felt like I was floating sometimes, and sometimes i wouldn't feel it at all, but it was very irritating when I would have something in my hands and then drop it and not know where it went, cause it was never there in the first place, but I didn't know then, the hallucinations were as real as reality, unlike LSD or mushrooms, where you can distinguish the two, with datura hallucinations become reality, and vise versa. It was a very very strange experience, I liked it, but I will never do it again.

Created 8/14/2000 15:16:17
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