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Beyond the Green Door

Cannabis and Salvia marathon

Substances: Marijuana, Salvia divinorum

Last night I encountered a book while cleaning up my bookcase. In it was a wonderful story about one person's adventure with cannabis and salvia. I have attempted to summarize the story below. The book was written in the form of a diary, and I have attempted to preserve the style of the author in my summary.


After harvesting a large collection of cannabis, I suddenly realized the wonders of having an unlimited supply of weed. Never before had I seen as much marijuana in one place, and definately not of such high quality. Growing the plants for months brought me closer to the plant, respecting its power, and sharing my life energy with it.

I sat around reflecting on the beauty of the plant, and remembered the discussion long ago (and more recently) of the trip-like effects of large doses of THC. Upon recollection, I determined that I had never reached such a state due to practical factors: I was sharing the water pipe with my wife and soulmate. The constant passing of the pipe, and the inevitable conversation, prevented the herb from being consumed at a high rate. In addition, I have always found breaking up buds, loading bowls, and in general the logistics of smoking to be quite difficult when extremely under the influence of the sacred plant.

After pondering the reports of significant visions, I decided I wanted to explore the outer reaches "beyond the green door". I expressed this desire to my wife, who agreed that such a voyage would be a wonderful experience together.

After cleaning up the house, making a place for use, and other necessary preperation, we preceeded to sit down and relax. I made us both a cup of hot milk and instant coffee to provide needed caffine and a soothing coating for the throat. I drank said coffee while breaking up a significant (1/8 oz) of marijuana into small, little-pinky-nail-sized pieces. Each piece was covered by a fine, diamond sparkle pattern of mature, perfectly ripe THC crystals. It was my reasoning that such small pieces would prevent the onset of coughing and a burning throught. A pad and pencil were located close to our spot on the floor, to record any insights, as well as the dosage. I cleaned out both of our water pipes, and filled them up with fresh water to maximize the filtering capacity.

Finally, it was time (6:4x pm). My wife (50kg) and I (50kg too) sat down across from each other. We took a few deep breaths into our bellies Yoga-style and tried to maintain good posture as we relaxed. At first, we shared our large bong in the ritualistic sharing of the bud, but after four hits each, it was time to smoke at our own rate.

Over the course of one hour, we resolved to smoke as much marijuana as possible. At T+1hour, we would smoke dried Salvia.

I have not truly discussed the facts from the experience with my wife, so from now on I record only my story.

During the one hour period I recorded inhaling over 50 bowls of marijuana smoke. I noticed that many times I would forget to write down a hit, so suspect the true dosage was much more. However, the number is very close to an actual number, due to the ritualistic nature of the smoking. At various times during the smoking, we switched smoking devices. We also changed water at the half-way point.

The herb affected me in ways I am very familiar with. I experienced the throbs so common with high cannabis use. In general, the herb itself was merely powerful, but not intensely profound. At the end of the hour of cannabis smoking, I was amazed at the amount of THC I had inhaled, but did not experience anything new--just a higher level of effect. That was about to change, however.

At 7:40pm, I sucked on a Vicks menthol cough drop, emptied the large bong and filled it up to the highest practical level with fresh water. I intended to smoke Salvia d. continuously for fifteen minutes. Unlike my wife, I have found Salvia to be extreamly potent. In previous experiences, I have had closed-eye visuals, and have also noticed that the "high" from smoking cannabis seems to persist indefinately.

Anyways, I sat down, loaded up a bowl of Salvia, and started to smoke. I kept the bowl burning for the entire fifteen minutes. I would stop to breath, but the Salvia would never entirely go out. I would merely add more Salvia to the bowl, and re-cherry it with a quick puff. The glass stem of the pipe was held up to mix some air with the smoke, and, combined with inhaling the smoke over the menthol cough drop, produced a very pleasent smoke, quite unlike the thick distastful smoke from Salvia that had prevented large dosage on previous occasion. The quantity of cannabis smoked probably contributed to the numb feeling (normally, Salvia makes me want to gag).

Well, the Salvia definately did the trick. I had intense full-eyes-open visuals (I would almost call them hallucinations). Some highlights of the various things experienced follow. Most of these affects lasted for at least an hour (!) to greater or lesser degrees. The cannabis effects lasted until I went to bed at Midnight.

One of the most memorable effects I describe as "pattern mapping." The term comes from computer games, where a pseudo-3D shape has a "picture" mapped over it to give it a texture and a realism. Well, I was seeing patterns from one object mapped onto another (from memory). For example, my bong is a blown clear red glass piece with silver streaks in an amorphous patter the length of the tube-part. When I looked at my hands, every so often my skin would turn red, and the bulges of my veins would seem to be reflective silver. (this affect lasted about an hour after I finished smoking salvia, and even "flashed-back" after that for up to 2 hours!) Definately my "favorite" of the visual feelings--the pattern mapping really blew my mind!

I also experienced "picture flash". A recurring image of my face the size of my entire vision flashed periodically. It did not replace what I was seeing, but appeared to be a sub-pattern, such as one created by the rods and cones on my retina. The picture was always the same, and reminded me of looking into the mirror (perhaps a previous LSD memory?) and also of a photograph of myself and my wife taken long ago. (these flashes persisted for almost 2 hours--always the same picture, and no apparant change in frequency until it desisted!)

Physical affects were very interesting. From the cannabis alone, but more intensely after the Salvia, I felt as if my body-thought and conscious-unconscious became distinct. I "realized" that during "normal" living, my concious and unconcious mind both think and both control my physical self (with the concious doing most of the "percieved" thinking, and the unconcious doing the "body" work). However, near the end of the weed smoking, and definately during the Salvia, the body became distinct. My "thinking mind" seemed to be detached, and was floating. The only thing tying my to the body was the limitation in perception (the eyes that see, the touch, the hearing). If it wasn't for the body, I felt that my conciousness would float away. More amazingly--my hands were acting by themselves! I saw a show on TLC on "Autonomous Hand Syndrome" and, for those of you familiar with the term, felt that was going on. I told my body to load bowls, and it did it all by itself. Smoking was the same way. I really got to the point where I was thinking full time, and the smoking just occured like breathing, without me having to spend any time "thinking" about what I was doing (perhaps my ritual merely proves that we are creatures of habit *grin*) (this lasted for perhaps 15 minutes after I stopped smoking Salvia)

Needless to say, my mind was working very well. Unlike some other cannabis trips, and many other LSD type things, I wasn't thinking of how I relate to the world, or how I think. Rather, I would classify my thoughts as merely experiencing things and enjoying the experience--definately a good thing for me--I tend to get caught up in analyzing what I am feeling rather then letting the "thing" happen. Interesting enough, I found that the thinking clarity and reason was quite like a second-plateau DXM experience, without the short-term memory loss, racing thoughts, incoherent reasoning or difficulty in expressing things that normally happens for me on DXM or high doses of cannabis. Very pleasent change! This "thinking" affect persisted until I went to sleep, even after I was completely "sober" at 11pm and able to drive.

Also, my hands would disassociate with my body, and would seem like they were just decoration in my field of vision. This was both a visually-perceptual thing and a flesh-perceptual thing. One moment I remember quite clearly is my hands posed up, held (in my field of vision, not in actuality) to either side of my wife's smiling face. My hands turned into green, glowing, floating apparitions (there was a lamp with green glass that explains it a bit). Her face became "super-realistic", an effect of cannabis I am sure some others relate to--when things seem almost too-crisp, and perspective becomes too-real. The background became fuzzy or melty, such as that experienced on LSD right before the onset of breathing walls and pulsing wood. (~40 of feeling this, decaying rapidly after 15 minutes of no Salvia)

All and all, it was a very worthwhile and meaningful journey for me. I have an even more profound respect for cannabis (even greater then I had before for our "children".) I also realized the true value of Salvia. The ritualistic nature of the smoking herb over a 1-hour period, followed by the 15 minute marathon of Salvia, seemed to be the ticket (these times were chosen to maximize effects, and to ingest the ethnogens faster then the body dissapates the effect). Planning ahead (water, pre-cut pieces to smoke, etc) also was valuable--it prevented the inevitable (without planning) journey out of the room for water, etc. The continuous smoking was the key.

I am still feeling the affects now, almost 15 hours after anything was smoked. My vision seems slightly "dizzy" especially when I stare at one spot (a computer screen would be a good example). It seems to be slightly moving, as if reality is melty to a small degree. I also notice some slight unfocusing of my eyes. However, a good nights sleep (combined with 1mg of Melatonin to induce sleep at midnight to insure I would be able to go to work tomorrow) probably contributed to the fine recovery. No cannabis hangover is evident, and a general feeling of wellbeing pervades me even to this moment.

It was definitely worth the time, and the effort. Now, if I can just locate some fungus...

Created 8/14/2000 15:16:17
Modified 8/14/2000 15:16:17
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