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       While we have the time and passion to elevate the level of quality, discussion, content, and design of the web site, it's the financial situation that we are struggling with. A faster connection is needed for the servers, and all costs are coming out of our own pockets. We're not going to ask anyone to pay our salaries, but if you can contribute anything during these initial stages it would help tremendously. Adding a list of appeals, justification, accountability and progress information to that section of our site will significantly enhance the integrity of the previous contribution program. We will also be offering a number of incentive gifts to contributors including Lycaeum T-shirts, mugs, bags, sweatshirts, and possibly mind machines. Members will also receive a newsletter discussing new updates, future plans, and general progress of the site. A PayPal account has been setup for contributions. Donations can be made to us through them by using the e-mail address.

       Please accept our apologies for the temporary display of banner ads that you may find throughout the site. Sales made through our company 'Mind Modulations' are the only way that we are able to keep the site up until we receive donations from users. 25% of the total profits made from the sales of mind machines from Mind Modulations go directly towards the connection fees of The Lycaeum.

       We are also in desperate need of new hardware. If you have a relatively fast machine or fairly large SCSI hard drives that you could contribute it would help tremendously. The hard drives being used now have been spinning 24/7 for years and are at the end of their life-cycle. Fortunately, a large IDE drive was donated that enabled us to finally backup the existing drives in case of failure.

       The Lycaeum will always be in need of user submissions. If you have any articles, pictures, or other useful data that you think should be submitted to our database please e-mail with your submission in the content of the mail or as an attachment. Another option is to help elevate the level of discussion on our IRC server, the forums, and our upcoming discussion lists. We'll be in need of volunteers soon, let us know if you may be interested in donating time towards this project.

We have a bumpy road ahead of us, but we're looking forward to the journey ahead!


-The Lycaeum Crew


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