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Acacia longifolia

Sydney golden wattle, golden wattle, long-leaved wattle, long-leaved acacia, sallow wattle, coast wattle, golden rods

Australian acacia which has shown to contain DMT

"Shrub, small tree 3-7 m, unarmed. Stems: twig angled, glabrous or minutely hairy when young. Leaf simple, 5-15 cm, linear-lanceolate or obovate; 2-3 longitudinal veins more prominent than others. Inflorescence: spike 2-4 cm, axillary, less than leaf. Flowers bright yellow. Fruit 5-10 cm, more or less straight, more or less cylindric, narrowed between seeds, ending in a curved beak, brown. Seed: stalk short, aril thick, cup-shaped." (Hickman, 1993)

HabitatDisturbed places, especially sandy soils, open areas, along roadsides, coastal areas; up to 150 m Australia: Sydney widespread from coast to Mountains; NSW north coast to Victoria In Micronesia and American Samoa. and In the Pacific. Elsewhere: South Africa (Henderson, 1995), Israel (Owen, 1997), New Zealand.

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