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Intrinsicality Posts Last post
General Discourse
    Discussion about drugs and The Hive
6917 11/13/00 12:47 PM

Chemistry Posts Last post
Chemistry Discourse
    Discussion in the field of chemistry
3992 11/13/00 06:36 PM
Newbee Forum
    Forum for clandestine chemistry newbees
9184 11/13/00 10:06 PM
Acquisition Discourse
    Discussion in acquiring chemicals and equipment
5130 11/13/00 07:58 PM
Methods Discourse
    Discussions on established methods of drug synthesis
3221 11/13/00 08:26 PM
Novel Discourse
    Discussion about novel synthetic routes to psychoactive materials
838 11/13/00 03:20 PM
Tryptamine Chemistry
    The chemistry of Tryptamine and Lysergic acid derivatives
1073 11/13/00 06:21 PM
Serious Chemistry
    Advanced synthetic methods and chemical theories
327 11/12/00 03:15 PM
Crystal Meth
    Synthesis and purification of Meth, CAT and precursors
9085 11/13/00 09:31 PM

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