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Total Synthesis II


Available September 10th...


All that TOTAL SYNTHESIS was (minus the crappy stuff) plus much, much more!!! Tons of new street recipes, theoretical procedures and reinforcement of existing methods.

See all of your criminal friends in print, as this edition has tons of recipes and contributions from some of the world's leading underground chemists. The first ever collaboration of the world's underground is here!

All this comprehensiveness has taken its toll, though. At 291 pages, this edition is more than twice the size of the first edition. It also cost Strike twice as much to print! So the new price is gonna be $35.00 (Sorry. But at least it didn't double as Strike's printing costs did!). But it will all be worth it when you see and taste the new, ultimate shrimp recipe!



Now Available...


This is a book of lists and strategies. It is based on years of experience and took over a year to research for and to write.

Nearly every place in the world that sells chemicals, equipment, glassware, essential oils, and aromatic chemicals is listed. All places were personally interviewed by Strike and their catalogs were scrutinized as well. The anticipated/dreaded list of every lab company that sells to individuals is here.

This book includes an extensive section on every natural source of every useable plant compound in essential oils. Multiple tables documenting all the components of essential oils are included. Also, there is a few interesting OTC sources and the first ever, and true, list of "watched" chemicals with plenty of up-to-date info on DEA Policies and regulations.

The price for this book is $30.00 and is ordered just the same as TOTAL SYNTHESIS II.


TOTAL SYNTHESIS II is a work of legitimate science, but the depiction of the chemistry therein is of a hypothetical yet illegal bent. The author of this book is insistent that the contents of this book be used only to further one's understanding of the nature of amphetamine chemistry. Any actual application of the chemistry by the reader would not only be illegal but is expressly forbidden by the author. The author must also insist that only those 21 years or older can purchase this book. For example: if you are a narcotics officer and you are 20 years old, then you may not purchase this book, son.

To order TOTAL SYNTHESIS II send $35, or for SOURCES send $30 to the address below. If you are a Texas resident then you have to add 7.75% extra for our sorry-ass state sales tax. For US residents I'm eating the shipping costs. Handling costs involve me putting the book in an envelope and placing it in a mail box (no charge). You can add $4.00 if you want your book in only a couple of days. However, if you are ordering this book from Canada or Mexico then your gonna have to add $4.00 for shipping. You poor souls in Europe or anywhere else in the world are going to need to add $8.00 for shipping. Sorry. But, hey! If you want your book sent by boat then all you have to do is add is $2.00 instead of $8.00 and your book will be at your door in about 7000 years.

Strike would like to add a few insights for all you people out there who are thinking about ordering. Just a few little observations Strike has learned from shipping these things for a few months:

  1. The time it takes for a book to arrive at your doorstep here in the U.S. is only 5 days. If you really want to spend four extra bucks for 2-3 day delivery then be my guest. Strike thinks you should just take advantage of Strike's free 5 day delivery option.

  2. A lot of people in Europe are puzzled by the use of 'money order' as payment. Strike guesses that money orders are not a common item there. So it has been that almost every person from europe send plain old U.S. dollars as payment. If you wish to do this it is fine with Strike.

  3. No matter where you are in the world, you can always get the book from Mind Books who's link is on the front page of this site. They send overseas, they send to Australia and they take credit cards. They'll take care of ya if you don't want to deal with old Strike here. Book is the same price either way.

Anonymity is paramount. Your name and address are destroyed upon shipment. Free advice and all questions answered 7 days a week at Strike's email address.

So let's sum up:

  • US residents: $35.00 for TSII / $30.00 for SOURCES
  • US residents (Texas): $37.71 for TSII / $32.33 for SOURCES
  • Canada or Mexico: $39.00 for TSII / $34.00 for SOURCES
  • Rest of the world: $43.00 for TSII / $38.00 for SOURCES

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