Strike likes to look at the new home grown recipes that pop up from time to time. It is always refreshing to know that inventiveness and enterprise are still alive and well among those that still value their god-given right to ingest a few milligrams of plant byproducts in order to enjoy themselves for a few hours at home. Some of the underground procedures Strike is talking about are adaptations of classical methods using household or commercial chemical sources. Others are rather novel, often ingenious, protocols that have enormous potential. Many, however, suffer from some very unnecessary limitations that everyone seems to be setting for themselves these days. What Strike is talking about is the use (or rather lack thereof) of proper chemicals and apparati.

The reactions one needs to accomplish to convert the precursors of today are often fickle, high energy requiring and sometimes tedious under the best of conditions using the finest chemicals and devices. Decades upon decades of academic and corporate research have produced for us the finest, highest yielding procedures available. Neither you nor Strike are in a mental position superior enough to outdo or alter our predecessors work. There is no doubt that the procedures Strike proposes, and some of the makeshift street procedures, work. But to complicate things by using dubious commercial products as chemical sources or rigging up a pulley/power system run by squirrels just to show ones ingenuity is stupid, counter-productive and unnecessary.

"So what do you expect us to do Strike? One can't just go out and buy the chemicals and apparati you talk about. People have to make do with what they can get out in the real world. Right?"

WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! As fucked up as the US is over the drug war, we are still the freest nation on earth (apologies to all the European countries which are a close second). And this freedom extends to include our right to own chemicals. Right now Strike could walk to the car, drive down to one of the science stores in Strike's town and purchase beautiful, pure reagent grade chemicals without any hassle whatsoever. Strike is talking any acid, base, salt, metal, solution and solvent Strike wants except a controlled chemical.

What? No store around that stocks the chemicals on site? That's fine. Strike knows plenty of other places in town and in other nearby cities that will order the chemicals for Strike which strike can pick up later.

"Wait a minute!! Aren't they going to card you or be suspicious?" No!!! Why should they?! The chemicals one is buying are legal! Besides, that's what these places are in business for: to sell chemicals!!

Don't feel like driving? Fine! One can go down to the local library, look at the tons of US city yellow pages, photocopy the chemicals/chemical suppliers section and then go back home and call them up. Whatever state one orders from doesn't matter. The chemist sends them money and they send the chemist her chemicals. No bullshit!!

"Yeah, but what about watched chemicals, asshole?". Asshole? Asshole! Forget it!! Strike ain't telling you guys shit anymore...Ok, 'watched' chemicals are just that: 'watched'. That is to say if someone is actually bothering to watch at the time. Watched chemicals are still legal to own and are bought the same way as any other chemicals. The only difference is that their purchase is a suspicious marker that 'may' give someone, or law enforcement, cause to look further.

So who is doing the watching? Certainly not the chemical merchants. They are not policemen; they are salesmen. Worrying about watched chemicals is the governments self-inflicted problem. Besides, the idiotically high number of watched chemicals is a stumbling block in and of itself. IT is seriously futile for a chemical company to monitor the suspiciousness of a chemical. There are too many of them to care about and almost none of the companies bother to. Remember, the 'watched' chemicals are legal to buy. All of the heavily watched chemicals are also legal to buy but suspicions are kept low by purchasing amounts below those specified by the criminal code.

So how do people get in trouble by purchasing 'watched' chemicals? Well, Strike is pretty sure that Strike is never going to hear the end of this but Strike answer is "Almost never!". Hardly ever will anyone get an eyebrow to raise over the purchase of moderate amounts of 'watched' chemicals. If the chemical company was comfortable enough (or unconcerned enough) to sell the chemist her chemicals then you can bet your ass that have little concern with wasting their time by reporting or documenting the purchase. If so, they would probably have to report every purchase of every day of every year. Not gonna happen! Still, the company's books are open to inspection by law enforcement. How often that occurs is rare. It really doesn't matter because the chemist will have ordered her chemicals to a friends house in moderate amounts and will have stopped purchasing through that friend long before anyone would become suspicious or start snooping around.

The enormity of chemical sales in the US is so vast that thousands of them happen every day. DEA and state narcotics agents work over the daily chemical purchases about as often as X harms a person (i.e. ZIP). Besides, it takes a lot more that a couple of chemical purchases to persuade such agencies to devote any resources on a hunch.

Strike used to be scared shitless when Strike first started ordering chemicals. Strike made elaborate ordering plans, calling from payphones, drop-offs, false addresses etc., Don't get Strike wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing things that way , and it insures absolute safety. But the bottom line is that for the kinds of chemicals Strike is talking about here, the risk is not as dire as it seems.

Ok, lets switch gears and suppose that one is willing to, or cannot, get 'watched' chemicals. Then its time to get the unwatched chemicals. For the most part, the ways to make simple watched chemicals are basic, varied and produce substantial and pure products. Certainly a far cry better than the mixed reagents one could pull from Windex or some such thing. This is done all the time; even if it could the stuff could be ordered already made. Strike supposes that if after all these ways have been exhausted then one could try to purify the things one needs from common products.

But lets not stop there. There are some very good sources of pure chemicals out there on the market. The world functions on these chemicals, not merely the underground chemists. Agriculture supply houses, photography, electro plating, ceramics, environmental testing firms, hardware stores, auto shops, electrician supply stores, pool supplies, gun shops, paint stores, specialty gas suppliers, metallurgists, abandoned dumps, your uncle at the petrochemical company.

Then there are excursions to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, legal ground-transfer import, piggy backing shipments with other cargo, and contracts through import comp[companies that have the license to do such things.

Finally, for what it's worth, one always has the elements mother nature gave us to build our molecules from scratch. Yes, it can be done. And if you don't know how then Strike will tell you how. (Not now, though. We haven't hit the point yet.)


Now let's switch to illegal methods of purchase and controlled substances. Strike is going to discuss this information as it pertains to underground chemists as a whole. (Not as it pertains to you, nor Strike because we do not do things this way, nor do we condone people doing things this way. Ok?)

Controlled (or scheduled) substances like safrole, methylamine, hydroiodic acid, P2P etc. cannot be sold to someone unless they have a permit to buy them (getting such a permit is out of the question). Unlike all other chemicals, these substances will register as unsellable to the agent handling the chemical sales at whatever chemical sourse one has contacted. Sure, one can ask for the chemical; and sure the person at the chem store will sell the chemical to that person. It is just that , in this instance, by law, they have to have proof of permit to sell it.

Let this point sink in real good. These are the only chemicals that are restricted by law to sell to anyone in any amount. All others (and that's a lot of others) are legal to buy. Some can only be purchased at or below a certain amount. Some may require proof of I.D. For some there are no restrictions at all. Some are watched; some aren't. Yet all of them are legal to buy. Do you now see why Strike was stressing the legality of watched and unwatched chemicals earlier? Strike did that to demonstrate how the gap between watched/nonwatched and restricted/controlled is as vast as an ocean.

So how do people get a hold of the impossible? Obviously some do because the fruits of their labor are around us daily. well, believe it or not, the first place one would look would be the same chemical supplier one gets all their other chemicals from. This , of course, doesn't happen over night. One just doesn't call up a chemical; supplier one day and say, "Send me 5 kilos of methylamine!". It is a matter of time and crafting a good relationship with the company one buys chemicals from. This sort of relationship is developed by courtesy and good purchasing practices (many of which Strike outlined in Strike's book).

Strike would estimate that at least 30% of all chemical sellers are so unconcerned with what they are selling that one could order anything from them right off the bat at the first call. This is true, but it is not a good way to proceed. If one can first establish one's self as a reputable sounding chemical buyer than proceed to make steady, uninteresting chemical purchases for a while, then one can cap it all off with a nice purchase of whatever they want. Signing off on the purchase of a naughty chemical to a preferred customer is, often, as unblinking a formality as any offer. No bullshit!

Yes, that shipment nay very well be red flagged the moment it is shipped but, sometimes, it isn't.

Don't want to mess with the scrutiny? Then just make the damn chemical with other chemicals. Yes, it can be done; and, yes, it will produce a ton of precursor or processing reagent at low costs. It's done all the time. The only reason Strike doesn't list it as a legal option is because some one is breaking the law by producing a controlled substance.

The next source of controlled chemicals is natural or commercial products. As far as X or meth is concerned, Strike thinks everyone knows what these are. The last option is import or a jolly little trek into a neighboring country.

Strike just devoted a lot of writing time on this subject, (probably more than Strike will ever spend on another) because Strike realizes that acquisition of chemicals is the single greatest hurdle (possibly the only hurdle) to making X or amphetamines. Saying that one will make drugs is easy. Making the drug is easy. Selling or taking the drug is very easy. Getting the chemicals is, sometimes, not easy.

Sure there are more intricacies to getting these chemicals than Strike could outline here. Sometimes it can be very hard, or nerve wracking or seem hopeless. Even Strike gets worried sometimes. But Strike is here to tell you that it is not impossible. Not by a longshot. Getting everything that one needs isn't going to happen overnight or be cured by a phone call. Like anything else worth having, it is going to take ingenuity and hard work.

Every day Strike worries about how all of you guys are holding up out there and Strike has been supposing that this particular subject has been the most troubling. Don't sweat it! There are enough strategies currently in place to allow anyone to conduct this science. If any more roadblocks should be set up in the future then Strike will provide a hundred ways around them. Strike isn't even going to wait for that to happen. In the next few months Strike is going to be launching wave after wave of preemptive strikes regarding new synthesis protocols, precursor sources, reagent sources, and general tactics. We will dictate the terms of this war from now on.

So cheer up! Nothing is impossible!

CHEMICALS part II--ZWIT Goes to Buy Chemicals: Below you are going to find an exerpt from a guy named Zwitterion. He is very hillarious. And he is also very good at underground chemistry. Take a look at how he shops:

POPeye has made some EXCELLENT points about buying chemicals in the past.

The rest of you say VERY little with the exception of references to OTC products. Here is what happens when ZWITTERION goes to buy chemicals:

I'm a slight build white male. My hair is short and neat. I am a PRESENTABLE LOOKING MOTHERFUCKER. I restrain myself in conversation, UNLIKE my typing. I can BE that college chemistry student that WORKS BEST.


Hell no! One can assume whatever guise one wishes. One only needs to develope/research the appropriate jargon and catch phrases to make it appear believable that one is who one claims to be or that one has a fundamental understanding of the reactions for which one needs the chemicals for.

Purchase Order? Fuck that. A purchase order will get you one thing - LAUGHS!

Maybe. Maybe not. But having the company prepare an in-house PO and then sending them the money to cover that PO is always an appropriate method.

ZWITTERION uses the "college chemistry major" approach. ZWITTERION buys chemicals from LOCAL supply houses. These are GOOD PEOPLE. They like to be helpful. They don't want to think that the NICE BOY is trying to make DRUGS. No! They WANT to believe in you. So be BELIEVABLE. Here is the short list of ZWITTERION's rules to buying chemicals:

1) Do not even ASK about restricted compounds. This includes methylamine, toluene, acetic anhydride, ephedrine, phosphorous etc... NEVER MENTION THESE THINGS!

2) These two approaches are most believable, AND MOST COMPREHENSIVE in the range of chemicals you are likely to buy:

a) college chemistry student - to pull this off you must know the university, the PROFESSORS (ZWITTERION has often been asked how a particular professor is or whether ZWITTERION has taken that professor for such-and-such class!) and WHAT THEY FUCK you are RESEARCHING. If you want to buy SODIUM AZIDE to make METHYLAMINE, then you ought to know what ELSE sodium azide is used for (as a source of nitrogen in air bags, FOR INSTANCE). If you stammer or stumble on any questions, they WILL remember you. They will also probably remember you ANYWAY, because they don't get too many young chemistry students doing their own thing, BUT THEY DO SEE THEIR SHARE OF YOUNG IDIOTS TRYING TO MAKE DRUGS! Remember, they want to BELIEVE in you. Help them.

b) Photography - this is the GREATEST FUCKING HOBBY for chem-wannabes. You can justify the purchase of the following chemicals with this: Palladium and it's salts, glacial acetic acid, MERCURIC CHLORIDE, Sodium/Potassium Cyanide, Methanol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydrobromic Acid, Bromine, Iodine, Potassium Bromide and MUCH MUCH MORE. You need to play the part of DARKROOM AFFICIONADO. For instance, Palladium Bromide/Chloride is used to make Palladium Prints. Extremely beautiful warm toned photographs. Photographic Supply Houses are EXCELLENT places to get chemicals from in the first place, and while you are there, pick up a book on DARKROOM CHEMISTRY so you can be well prepared to explain that MERCURIC CHLORIDE is used as an INTENSIFIER and POTASSIUM BROMIDE is used as a BUFFERING AGENT for hydroquinone developers.

3) Pay with CASH or CREDIT CARD. Yes you dumb fucker: CREDIT CARD! That is a NORMAL PERSON'S way of paying for goods and services.

Listen to ZWIT in this one. Credit card purchases are the most legitimate and least suspicious forms of payment. Whether they be OTC or mail order. Strike purchases tons of equipment and chemicals on the old card. Yes it will leave your name attached to a list of purchases but if one adopts a careful, professional relationship with ones supplier (such a relationship can in part be established by using a credit card in the first place) Then the chances of suspicion are are next to nothing.

When you DON'T SEEM TO CARE that they know you're real name, they don't think you are DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL! It makes so much fucking sense it's pathetic. I mean, how many "businesses" buy chemicals with a PURCHASE ORDER and CASH??? NONE! Sure, park your car where the license tag isn't visible, but if a place does not seem AMENABLE to your needs, LEAVE. Be INDIGNANT if they suggest you are making DRUGS. Do NOT SLINK AWAY LIKE A COMMON CRIMINAL. They WILL take note of everything at that point! If you went to go buy spray paint and the clerk insinuated you were going to go graffiti up a few buildings YOU WOULD LEAVE THAT SHIT RIGHT ON THE COUNTER, wouldn't you? Well, same thing here.

4) As mentioned above, LOOK RESPECTABLE. Glasses are always a nice touch, as well as an AIR OF GEEKINESS. Throw some weighty words around, lots of you seem good at that ANYWAY, but DON'T try to SNOW THEM. You can tell when someone is throwing a snow job at you, what makes you think THEY CAN'T? Request MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS if they are not OFFERED (it is the law that they supply them, and if they don't you have a PSYCHOLOGICAL EDGE over them for that - they are now the LAWBREAKERS, not you).

Always request an MSDS. It exudes professionalism.

Good luck, and stay low.


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