Strike came across something puzzling the other day. Strike was milling around a bunch of compressors that were feeding some refrigerators (don't ask why) and Strike noticed that the labels on the compressors said that they were "charged with alkylbenzene oil". Well that got Strike wondering! At the heat these things were running, Strike is fairly sure that the alkylbenzene could not be toluene, and probably wouldn't be ethylbenzene. But, do you know what Strike could do if that stuff was propylbenzene (benzylpropane)? Yeah, Strike knows that it isn't the same thing as 'allylbenzene'. But what you probably don't know is that Strike has some scary free radical bromination recipes that could turn that unwatched oil directly into phenyl-2-bromopropane (the meth precursor species that is analogous to 'bromosafrole', and which is just one step away from meth or amphetamine). Wait! Before anyone starts to go out and strip refrigerator compressors, Strike needs someone in the know to tell us what alkylbenzene is in these compressors. The brand of compressor Strike saw was Tecumseh.

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