What can be done about missing orders?

Step 1
If your order is missing or hasn't turned up in due time (a month) - write a snail mail letter asking where it is. We send out a form letter in response to the letter. But you probably will have received your order before we get the letter or you will probably get it soon.

Step 2
If more time goes by (a couple of weeks) and you still haven't received your order since you sent the first letter of complaint, then you can send a serious complaint letter (calling PF a rip scam - bastard ect).

Step 3
If you don't get your order in due time after the hate letter, you never will get your order. And that's because you are unreachable. For example - you don't exist according to the postal service or your mail is getting intercepted ect ect.

Another long delay in getting orders can also be due to large (money amount - not actual check dimensions) personal checks. We delay orders payed for by large personal checks, because every now and then we get ripped off that way.

Psylocybe Fanaticus
March 28 1999