Receiving and sending PF orders

A while ago, PF was famous for sending PF orders out lightning fast. Now it has become a legend which still may or may not be true. It ultimately depends on the orderee's clarity of envelope addressing. That is the first step to getting the order filled. PF can not control unreadable envelopes nor should be responsible for the consequences.

When PF receives the order letter, it is opened, remittance removed, shipping box or envelope is coded (1-T, 3-T, 1, 5 ect. - you know the routine), the orderees best looking own return address is sniped out of the letter or off the envelope and taped onto the mailer. Even doing this, there are returns undeliverable. Getting the orders out is PF's job, receiving the order is up to the customer giving good addresses written down in clear intelligible handwriting. It amazes me how many orders actually seem to get through with all the secret codes and unknown or dead languages we get.

PF does not receive orders and send them out the same day as of old. Take into account 7 days in getting the order letter to PF. All PF orders are usually shipped within 7 days after receipt of order (personal checks wait). Then add another week for delivery.

PF's policy is that our job is sending the order out. The orderee's job is getting the order to PF and then receiving the order after it goes to the post office. PF does not need to be responsible for lost in the mail orders, even if the check was received and cashed (but all cases are looked into by PF). If a check was received and cashed, that means one half of the process was completed. The next half is receiving the order. And that is out of PF's hands. But then, in the end, you always have to trust PF. PF accepts all trust.

Registered Mail warning

Do not send PF registered mail (requiring a signature from the post office). This mail is only retrieved when there is no wait at the post office. Sometimes a week or two goes by before these letters are received. Sometimes the letters are never received and the post office sends them back to the sender. So if you want really slow order filling, send PF registered mail requiring a signature.

Psylocybe Fanaticus
Seattle Washington
May 20 1998