November 13 2002 - Important spore syringe sales notice

PF has decided to "RETIRE". What that means, is that PF is going to go back to the "old days" - in which only one spore race is being offered. The chosen spore race is the PF. And the reason is because the PF spore race is a great shroom for the PF TEK. It fruits the fastest, and matures about the slowest.

After several years of proliferation of various spore races, PF and the rest of the myco hobbiests have clearly seen that It is not the "STRAIN" that makes it all happen, but the growing TEK. And still, even at interactive shroom sites around the world, the PF TEK rules. "CAKES" are everywhere.

PF spore syringe - $10 each

Psylocybe Fanaticus
Amanda Park Washington USA 98526

For the fastest response time in filing diverse spore race orders, use the above address. The Seattle address (PO BOX 22009) is good but because of my change of address, response time will be up to two weeks slower than usual.

And that includes first class air mail Postage paid! Only USA Money orders or cash is accepted.

IMPORTANT NON USA ORDER UPDATE - because of a worsening situation with confiscated syringe orders to non USA destinations (especially Australia), there is now an added $10 charge for all non USA orders (including Canada - also a worsening situation) on syringe orders. It is highly recommended that foreign orderees make a minimum order, because PF can't take responsibility for customs snafus. The green declaration sticker that is attached to syringe order boxes, says "MUSHROOM SPORES & Water in blunt tip syringe pipets". Honesty is the best policy because it is a federal crime to lie about the contents declared in over seas postage. So you have to take a chance when you order syringes from PF.

But watch for some interesting new things from PF by next year.

PF ALBINO sub spore race - unfortunately, the albino is being dropped because the spores are very scarce. Maybe in the future the albino can come back, but for the time being, the demand greatly exceeds the meager supply of spores this mutant delivers.

The syringes are absolutely guaranteed to be clean, viable and authentic, or your money refunded or syringes replaced until satisfaction is acheived. But PF doesn't guarantee that you will grow shrooms or like them for that matter. But PF's syringes make it all easily possible if you give it a good try, and follow the PF TEK (book) to the letter.

The syringes will be marked P (PF), H (Hawaiian), E (Equador), and B (B+) ect. If the syringe is not labeled, it is the PF race.

Psylocybe Fanaticus
Amanda Park Washington USA