Eleusis - Journal of Psychoactive Plants & Compounds Conference "Perspectives of Medicinal Mushrooms in Health Care and Nutrition" - 12-14 September 2001, Kiev, Ukraine
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The periodical, Eleusis, aims to provide a forum for the collection and propagation of information on the relationship between humankind and psychoactive plants and compounds, considered both from the traditional and scientific perspectives.

This is an enormous multidisciplinary field of research. Indeed, the link between humanity and psychoactive compounds can be traced back to the dawn of time - a constant in history, fundamental to our development. ELEUSIS aims to break down the walls of repression and is adamantly opposed to profanation arising from human blindness.

Our task is to provide information and publish studies which will be useful for serious and untrammelled research into psychoactive substances and their associated states of consciousness.

Eleusis started in 1995, and in 1998 it became a biannual research journal under the auspices of the Museo Civico of the Rovereto Town Council, published by Telesterion.

Each issue contains articles from various areas of research regarding plants and psychoactive compounds (e.g. anthropology, ethnobotany, biochemistry, pharmacology, psychotherapy etc.), Psychoactive Cards, with detailed information on psychoactive plant species which are either new or somewhat "off the beaten track", and a "New-Releases" section on books and articles of interest to our readership.

Eleusis is edited by Giorgio Samorini & Jonathan Ott.
Scientific board: James C. Callaway, Josep M. Fericgla, Francesco Festi, Jonathan Ott, Giorgio Samorini, Manuel C. Torres

ISSN: 1129-7301

c/o Museo Civico di Rovereto,
Largo S.Caterina, 43
E-mail: eleusis@telesterion.it