USA Today Endorses Access To Medical Marijuana

July 18, 1996, Arlington, VA:

USA Today, the nation's most widely read daily newspaper, has endorsed access to medical marijuana. The endorsement marijuana from the ill" and came just two days after the newspaper featured a major article on a California ballot initiative that would allow seriously ill patients to use marijuana as a therapeutic agent with a doctor's recommendation.

Calling marijuana "one of the least toxic medical compounds in the world," the editorial cited both marijuana's relative safety when compared to other legal drugs and medicines and decades of scientific and anecdotal research maintaining its medical efficacy.

"It is entirely possible to fight the drug war without harming innocent civilians in the process," concluded the USA Today. "But lawmakers must be careful to choose the right battles. Therapeutic marijuana isn't one of them."

"The statements made by USA Today in support of medical access to therapeutic marijuana should have a positive impact on America's views toward this issue and may translate into a significant number of votes among California citizens in favor of the Medical Marijuana Initiative," stated NORML Deputy Director Allen St. Pierre.

For more information, please contact Dave Fratello of Californians for Medical Rights @ (310) 394-2952.

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