From: (Kevin Boyle)
   Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban
   Subject: LSD tattoo on X-Files
   Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 01:19:24 GMT
   Organization: University of Kansas Computing Services

Last week's (Feb 2) X-Files had a twist on the venerable Blue Star legend. This guy gets a tattoo of a woman from a wacky Russian immigrant. The tattoo starts talking to him (with the voice of Jodie Foster) and gets him to kill his neighbor. Scully also gets a tattoo and spends the night in this guy's apartment. He sleeps on the couch. Anyway, some of his blood is found on the murder scene with an ergot-derived compound in it. It turns out the Russian had used infected-rye based inks in the tattoo, and Scully thinks the ink is causing the auditory hallucinations of the murderer, but it turns out it was really evil tattoo spirits or something paranormal like that.

So the point is: LSD tattoo. Inspired by Blue Star? Not unlikely.