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Fairmont officals warn parents about possible drug-laced stickers

FAIRMONT, W.Va. (AP) Police have yet to find any drug-laced stickers rumored to be circulating around town, but school officials aren't taking any chances.

Barrackville Elementary School sent a letter home with pupils last week, telling parents to watch out for stickers featuring super heroes, animal figures, Disney and Looney Tunes characters that may be soaked in mind-altering LSD and poisonous cyanide.

Principal Gary L. Price said he sent out the warning because a parent contacted him and gave him a letter which said the drugs were in the area. He said he verified the story with the Fairmont Clinic.

The letter cautioned parents not to let children touch the stickers because the drug can be absorbed through touching and licking.

Mon Valley Drug Task Force and Fairmont General Hospital representatives said as of Sunday, authorities have not found any LSD-poisoned stickers or tattoos in Marion County.

Fairmont Police Sgt. Steve Cain said he has heard of "goofy stickers'' before, but none have been seen in the area.

Police officers who teach drug-awareness classes at local elementary schools often talk about LSD-laced stickers and warn children that they exist, Cain said.

Caroline Ambrose, spokeswoman for Fairmont General Hospital, said the emergency room has not reported a case of children being poisoned by the LSD-laced stickers.

Karen Cummins, the director of nursing at the Fairmont Clinic, said a clinic doctor received an email two weeks ago warning health officials that the drug-laced stickers had surfaced in other areas.

When the doctor received that information, he passed it onto Fairmont Clinic Medical Director Dr. Michael Schroening, who wrote a memo asking his employees to talk to their children about the LSD-laced stickers, Cummins said.

"It came from a larger city,'' Cummins said, "but it is something we feel everyone should look out for.''

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