Some curious email I've received since including this page on my "Blue Star" LSD Tattoo pages:

Subject: J O'Donnel's warning about Magic-the Gathering playing cards
To Whom Ever This May Concern,

   First question: who is J O'Donnel?
   Secondly:  Is HE on any medication himself?

   I am the sales manager of a modest computer firm in Houston, TX, and
am tired of these unfounded, biased, and bigoted missives from people
that have to much time and morality on there hands.  LSD on playing
cards?  Satanic images on the same?  The only thing that parents need to
be warned about are these doomsayers that are spredding panic around
without first citing any kind of evidence or forthought.  This is the
same type of idiotsy that was spred out about the 'Dungeons and Dragons'
RPG in the mid-80's.  "Satanic pictures" indeed.
    I know that postings like this will never be stopped, but in the
future, please ask that any warnings like this one be posted with some
actual data on the subject.  Until it is, this will only be a wonderful
example of propaganda wasted on an insignificant, and nonexistant,
personal belief.

                               Thank you for your time,

Subject: magic
where on earth did you find this nonsense? 
I am playing magic for some years now and never noticed any side effects
caused by drugs.

And demons, come on grow up, didn't you ever read fairy tails?
I hope in the future you refrain from this lies and let people play
innocent games.

Subject: Article on LSD soaked Magic:The Gathering Cards
Dear sirs,

I think that your recent post on the "dangers" of LSD soaked Magic cards
is appalling, completley untrue and extremely inflammatory. Whomever
wrote this post is , in the nicest terms, very misled. No one has EVER
come into contact with a tainted Magic:TG card. The game is a very
intellectual and challenging game. I shouldn't hesitate to point out
that not only is the best selling card game of all time, that this game
launched an entire new industry. While that might make the writer of
this article think that he or she might stand to gain some "shut-up"
money from a large corporation, it is entirely more likely that he or
she will be sued for slandar by lawyers that are way better than they
could afford. I will not be satisfied until a formal apology id posted.
Thank you

A very concerened Magic supporter

Subject: Re: LSD laced Magic cards
> I run a site about the "Blue Star" LSD Tattoo urban legend.  On that site,
> I have included a number of examples of unfounded drug contamination
> rumors, including the one you have read.  I did not initiate this rumor,
> nor do I promote it.

That's a relief.  I thought you actually believed that.  Sorry for the
flame.  :-)

There is no LSD on Magic cards. I dont know where you ever got that 
idea but it isnt true.That is one of the dumbest things Ive ever 
heard. I once ate a magic card and I know for a fact that I didnt get 
a trip or anything.What a lie. It was probobly just one card or 

Subject: bull
I don't know why you posted that bull shit about lsd soaked magic cards
but it fucking pisses me off. Wizards of the coast is the company that
produces magic cards and if they were soaking their cards with LSD i
think they would have been shut down a long time ago. The only
explanation i can find for your bull shit is 

1. there was 1 isolated case of a lsd soaked magic card.


2. you are lieing to keep parents from letting their kids have magic
cards because you are some hippocritical religious person that talks
shit about things that they havent even learned about.

Well I tell you what, you are not fooling anyone with that shit, it only
pisses people off.

Subject: (\/)AGIC CARDS

Subject: J O'Donnel Article
Do you just post articles which are completely unsubstantiated without
fear of lible? I think you might want to take a closer look at what is
being posted at your site.

Subject: LSD laced Magic cards
I just read your article on the dangers of Magic cards, and I felt I had
to write you.  I have been playing Magic for over two years, and so have
several of my friends.  I, for one, have never had an acid high from
touching or in any way handling these cards. I haven't been killed by
strychnine, either (trust me, I would notice). There is no truth in this
rumor about LSD or strychnine laced Magic cards.  You claim that several
deaths have already occurred from this lacing.  I would be interested to
know the identities of these victims and information on contacting their
next-of-kin so I can verify this claim.  Maybe I will forward a copy of
your article to Wizards of the Coast and see if they can shed any light
on the matter.  Unless of course, you are lying, in which case I would
love to see you ordered to pay a few million dollars to WotC for libel

Subject: so terribly wrong
Dear sirs,
	I am afraid you are drastically mistaken. There is absolutely nothing
wrong with magic: the gathering cards, or anything to deal with them.
They are a safe fun recreational hobby. It increases your cognitive and
imaginative processes. Your problem-solving skills are greatly expanded.
I hope you will realize the fallibility of your recent claims and make
amends for them. 
											Until then,

Subject: Magic: The Gathering
The article that I saw on your webpage about Magic cards being laced
with LSD was, I have to say, the most idiotic thing I've ever seen
in my entire life.  I've played magic for a few years, and I don't
seem to recall ever having an acid trip.  Think for just a little
bit about how utterly illogical this little story is...The kids
buy the cards for the cards.  Why would the wizards of the coast
company waste all that money lacing the cards with acid, when they
can get just as big a profit selling cards that DONT have any drugs
on them.  If they were trying to get kids hooked on drugs or some-
thing, you'd think they'd pick an addictive drug.  Basically, in
my opinion, what it all comes down to is that the person that 
wrote that article is both stupid and ignorant.  Try doing a test
for LSD on a new pack of cards, I'm sure you'll be surprised to
find NOTHING.  Get a life.

Subject: Urban myths and ccg's

I read your posting on the Magic:The Gathering newsgroup, got 
interested, found your site, and have read some of the text about the 
blue star tattoos. Havent found the references to Magic, yet, but 
probably will eventually, as the subject is presented in a clear and 
interesting way (Im trying to tell you that I am going to read the full 
story, as soon as time permits). Id like to complement you on the site, 
as I think this is the kind of information the Internet really needs!

On to business! I publish a Swedish ccg magazine, and the fact that 
urban myths have reached the ccg's could be the basis of an article. I 
would, therefore, like to have permission to quote your articles where 
appropriate. If you have any other suggestions about specifically gaming 
related myths presented on the net, I would very much appreciate any 
information aboout them.

Hoping that the Magic junkies are not too much of a nuisance!