From: (Stern, just Stern)
   Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban
   Subject: LSD-laced candy [article]
   Date: 3 Feb 1997 14:09:03 -0500
   Organization: The Empowerment Partnership

OK, so it's not quite Blue Star Tattoos, but it's close and it appears to be real. If anybody is maintaining archives out there, this might well be added.

Mother booked after 5-year-old daughter overdoses on LSD

February 3, 1997

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A woman was in jail today on suspicion of drug possession and child abuse after police said her 5-year-old daughter ate LSD-laced candy hearts.

Suzanna Schroeppel, 23, called for help after her daughter lost consciousness Saturday night. Authorities would not confirm where the incident took place.

(The girl) was in the proximity of the mother and we suspect it was the mother's LSD,'' said Sheriff's Lt. Steve Alexander.

The child, whose name police did not make public, was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital in critical condition, and was released into her father's care Sunday.

Her mother was booked that day for investigation of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and third-degree child abuse, both felonies. The drug charge carries a penalty of five years to life in prison and the child abuse charge carries up to five years.

Hospital officials refused to disclose how much of the hallucinogen the girl ingested.