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                                                   3rd Demension  - new report
                                                          "Suddenly I shot out into space."
                                                    Clamping jaws - new report
                                                          "What followed was indescribable."
                                                   Alien tests  - new report
                                                           "the first wave of dmt shot over my consciousness I became instantly
                                                            aware of what could be described as the 'greys' your classic alien,
                                                            much to my surprise they  came running over and started to perform
                                                            a series of tests as if to moniter my trip."

                                                    Death euphoria  - new report
                                                         "The world felt like "snow" or "fuzz" on television."
                                                    Gothic rooms
                                                          "I then lost visual tracking of the room, but went to another place
                                                           of somewhat similar dimensions"

                                                    Overwhelming effects
                                                           "Told me of  love, not to worry."

                                                    First time
                                                           "I felt euphoria, elation, ananda, ecstasy, fear, power."
                                                    5meo madness
                                                           "I began going "up" at a frightening pace."

                                                    Water spirit, a magical link
                                                            "The current, tide, and wind, playing with the surface of the water, and the
                                                              reflected light from the sky was absolutely mesmerizing and enchanting."
                                                    Apparent Communicationwith Discarnate Entities.
                                                             "I looked across the river and saw a circle of supernatural light, which I have
                                                              now come to regard as the "astral light" or the light of Nature, as it is called
                                                              by mystics, and in which spirits become visible..."
                                                    The Mind'sEye: Personal Experiences with DMT.
                                                               "I took three hits-my guess is that I got about 15 mg total."
                                                    Another DMT Experience explained - intravenous.
                                                               " was instantly alive in the most vibratory, colorful, red, blue and yellow
                                                                of existence in a carnival mask"

                                                    An essay explaining two DMT experiences by Scott Fossel.
                                                               "It felt like I was being smeared sensually and lustfully around the space in
                                                                some sort of vacuum-tube funhouse."
                                                    Someone explainstheir experience with smoking DMT.
                                                                "It was mostly intense flashes of solid pure colours -- no pastels or hues, just
                                                    The DMT Experiencefrom Food of the Gods.
                                                                "Many diminutive beings are present there -- the tykes, the self-transforming
                                                                 machine elves of hyperspace."
                                                    Account ofa DMT trip from a book on Psychedelics
                                                                " looked up at what a minute ago had been doors and cabinets, and all
                                                                  I could see were parallel lines falling away into absurdities."
                                                    Some dribblingson the DMT & Ayahuasca experience
                                                                "If you can get past them both...well, let's say that if you can work
                                                                 past the gnomes and the sylphs, you will be prepared by definition
                                                                 for battle with the Undines and Salamanders."
                                                    An experimentwith MDMA+MDA+5-MEO-DMT
                                                                "Being thrown into yourself, outwards, turned inside out, and dissolving
                                                                 into a sea of  energy."
                                                    A account of a 5-Methoxy-DMT experience
                                                                 "The flash seemed to tunnel out of the camera in burst of light which
                                                                   seemed to last a rather long time (alot longer than a normal flash)."

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