DMTWORLD - reported uses of DMT
General Information about DMT
                                      Here is a list of information about DMT compiled from various sources. If you
                               are looking for Extraction Methods you should go to the Extraction page. If you
                               have anything that you think should be included on this page please mail me and I will
                               update the page.
                              The DMT-Faq 2.0 
                                      Frequently asked questions about DMT.

                              Profiles of Psychedelic Drugs reviews DMT
                                       A summary of DMT which is in a profile format.
                              The Psychedelic Model of Schizophrenia: The Case of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine
                                        Review of research on use of DMT as a schizotoxin.
                              Orally and Parenterally Active Psychotropic Tryptamine Derivatives
                                        Information on bontical sources of tryptamines.

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