DMTWORLD - reported uses of DMT
Extractions & More.
                                   So you decided that you want to get your hands on some DMT?  This page
                     should give you a little more knowledge about DMT and obtaining it.  Enjoy!  Remember
                     to discuss your growing/extracting/etc methods on the message board!! There isnt much information
                     out there, if you have some, please mail it to me, we must help out our electronic community!

                           DMT - Life and universe
                                        An extraction method using phalaris.

                           DMT and DET Synthesis
                                         Just what it says.

                          Smokable DMT from organic sources
                                         By mescalito ted for Ganja Digest.  Another phalaris extraction method

                          Extraction of DMT from Phalaris
                                          A lengthy document about extraction DMT from phalaris.

                          Extraction of DMT and 5-MeO-DMT
                                          Two methods of extracting DMT and 5-MeO from phalaris.

                           Yoda's DMT Extraction from plant sources.
                                           A well used method for extracting DMT from plant sources.

                            Illustrated Synthesis of DMT
                                            A illustrated guide in zip format dealing with the synthesis of DMT.

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