This site contains information about a wide variety of substances that  are, under
                                                     certain circumstances, illegal .  You should check the laws  in your area before using any
                                                     chemicals  or substances which are refered to on this site.

                                       New life brought to DMT WORLD as the forums are fixed!

                                                            09/03/03: As many of you know, the DMT WORLD
                                                 forums have been closed to the public for some time. 
                                                 The new forums are up and running and new members
                                                 are being accepted!!

                                                                   The old board will remain up and
                                                 functional until the posts are converted to the new
                                                 board.   Click here to see the old board.

                                        New DMT WORLD chatroom!
here is now a new chatroom for all the dmt world
                                        users.  You are going to need a IRC CLIENT.  Once you obtain
                                        one, you can "/server irc.lycaeum.org and join the channel #dmt
                                        by usually typing ./join #dmt     .

                                        Explore DMT World:
                                                1.  General DMT Information
                                                          Just what it says, various information about DMT.  You can find the
                                                          DMT faq here aswell as a small amount of other info.
                                                2.  The DMT Message Board
                                                          This is where you can discuss various aspects of DMT with others.
                                                          Extractions, chemistry, supplier discussions, and more.
                                                3.  Obtaining DMT
                                                          Various ways to obtain DMT.  Extractions are listed here aswell
                                                          as some chemistry.  You will also want to check out the Message
                                                          Board for more methods/information.
                                                4.  The Old Message Board Archives
                                                          Every few months, we take the information from the message board
                                                          and organize it into a easier to read and follow format.  This is where
                                                          you can find the documents.
                                                          Here you will also find the old message board, due to a y2k bug,
                                                          it was made unoperable.  We then ran for 3 years a forum which
                                                         was recently discontinued.  You can find a snapshot of it HERE.  Make
                                                         sure to read the old information at it is invaluable. . There is still alot of information
                                                          you may be interested in.
                                                 5.  Trip Reports
                                                          People explain their experiences while under the influence of DMT.
                                                          You can also submit your own reports online here.
                                                 6.  The DMT Chatroom
                                                          Chat with people in real-time.
                                                 7.  Site Questions/Comments
                                                          Email the webmaster.

                               Quick Links:   message board, general information, extractions, trip reports, chat.