Manna From Heaven by Steve Kubby
Were Entheogenic Mushrooms used in Biblical times?
Are Psilocybe mushrooms the true Manna?
Taken from Psychedelic Illuminations Vol. 1 Issue VII

Taken from Plants of the Gods by Schultes & Hofmann , Healing Arts Press

The Mushrooms of Language
By Henry Munn
Taken from Hallucinogens & Shamanism, 1973 by Oxford Press Inc

The Paranoid's Guide to Mushroom Growing
by Black Peter

Mushroom Ayahuasca
Funky what a little Rue can do
by James Kent

The Measure of the Mushroom by C. B. Gold
Taken from PM&E Volume Five

The Ethnogenic Review by Lucy Moon
An article on Mushroom use, cultivation, and history

How to produce 5000 doses of organic
psilocybin in small room every week
by Adam Gottlieb, 1976

Some text extracted from misc. literature
regarding identifying Psilocybe mushrooms
From The Mushroom Identifier, The
Illustrated Book of Mushrooms, the
Encyclopedia of Mushrooms, etc.

Psilocybe content in samples of Psilocybe
Cyanescens Astoria Ossip and P. cubensis

An excerpt from Growing Gourmet & Medicinal
Mushrooms, by Paul Stamets regarding
Humanity's use of Mushrooms throughout

From Russia w/Mushrooms - A Sketch
By Dr. Igor Kungurtsev (MAPS)

The Internet's Psilocybe Mushroom FAQ
Suprisingly full of info on chemistry,
picking, growing, etc.

An excerpt from the Journal of Psychedelic
Drugs regarding Liberty Caps, by Andrew Weil

Information pertaining to purchasing
mushroom growing equipment - Addresses, etc.

An article on growing called "Fail Proof
Recipe for Cultivation of Psilocybe Cubensis"

HIMSELF ...for all the "expert" know it alls"
Taken from _The Mushroom Culture_(c) 1993,
Issue #21, July 1993.

A Field Guide to The Psilocybin Mushroom
(cubensis, subbalteatus & caerulescens)

An article on growing called "Psilly Simon's
Mushroom Growin' guide"

Several agar recipes and misc. information

Another growing guide found on the net
Contains some useful information extracted
from several books

Another growing guide from the Internet
titled "How to Grow Magic Mushrooms"

"Mushrooms and Man" Taken from the book
"Growing Gourmet & Medical Mushrooms" by
Paul Stamets

TEONANACATL 1995 Psilocybe Cyanescens
Astoria Ossip following texts accompanied spores of
Psilocybe Cyanescens Astoria Ossip

Alkaloid content found in Psilocybe
Astoria Ossip and Psilocybe cubensis

An easy mycelial growing technique using
using organic rye

The Magic Mushroom Growers Guide from the
net in HTML format

The Definitive Lazy Man's Shroom Growing

An article on Psilcybe absorbtion and taking
Mgs04 to intensify it

The results of the Great Grand Shroom
Growers Servey (from the net)

Psilly Simon's Mushroom Growing Guide II

Written Accounts of Use

Mushroom Ayahuasca - A report on the effects of P. harmala & mushrooms

A common sound heard accompanying mushroom intoxication
A trip report regarding this strange phenomena

A 7 Gram mushroom experience

A well written mushroom trip report

A fairly negative mushroom trip report A compilation of mushroom experiences from
several different people

Someone explains their experience with
P. harmala and Psilocybe cubensis

Someone's mushroom experience -long

Try Not To Laugh


A JPG of Psilocybe semilanceata
Five Liberty Caps laid out on blue paper.

A JPG of Panaeolus campanulatus
Several Bell Capped Panaeolus growing
in grass and clovers.

A JPG of Panaeolus campanulatus
More Bell Capped Panaeolus growing in grass

A JPG of Psilocybe cubensis
Common large Psilocybe growing from
a dung heap.

A JPG of Psilocybe cubensis
A good picture of the bluing reaction
of cubensis.

A JPG of Psilocybe cyanescens
A large clump of cyanescens growing in
coniferous mulch.

A JPG of Gymnopilus spectabilus
Big Laughing Gym emerging from the side
of a mossy tree.

A JPG of Psilocybe pelliculosa
A patch of Conifer Psilocybe growing from
coniferus mulch

A JPG of Psilcybe baeocystis
Potent psilocybe growing from moss

A JPG of Psilocybe baeocystis
Several specimens laid out on a piece of

A JPG of Psilocybe semilanceata
Closeup shot of one Liberty Cap in grass.

A JPG of Psilocybe cyanescens
Several large specimens on a piece of paper.

A JPG of Psilocybe cyanescens
Closeup shot of cyanescens caps in grass

A JPG of Psilocybe semilanceata
Large clump of Liberty caps growing in

A JPG of Psilocybe semilanceata
Another clump of Liberty caps in grass

A JPG of the non-entheogenic Psilocybe
squamosa. Several large Scaly stalked
psilocybe mushrooms.

A JPG of Psilocybe baeocystis
One potent psilocybe standing in coniferus

A JPG of Psilocybe stuntzii
Stuntz's Psilocybe growing in bark.

A JPG of Psilocybe stuntzii
Clump of Stuntz's Psilocybe showing the
younger stage of growth

A JPG of Psilocybe cubensis
This picture shows some young specimens
of the Common psilocybe...

A JPG of Psilocybe stuntzii
A large patch of Stuntz's Psilocybe growing
from bark.

A photograph of several Psilocybe
semilanceata growing in grass

A photo of some picked Psilocybe coprophila
laid out on a piece of paper

A black and white photo of Psilocybe

A drawing of Psilocybe cyanescens

Psilocybe mexicana emerging from agar media
in a bowl

A drawing of Psilocybe pelliculosa

A drawing of Psilocybe stuntzii

Photo of some picked Psilocybe crobulus
on a piece of paper

A photo of Psilcoybe muscorum picked and
laid out on paper

Black and white photo of a clump of
Psilocybe caerulescens

Drawing of Psilocybe baeocystis

A good photo of four picked Psilocybe

A drawing of Panaeolus subbulteatus

A picture of a Syringe containing spores
available from Psilocybe fanaticus

Black and white P. semilanceata

Black and white P. yungensis

Black and white P. semperviva

Black and white P. mexicana

Black and white elves playing on a mushroom

Black and white P. caerulescenes

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