Salvia divinorum
Hierba de la Pastora

by R. Gordon Wasson
(Submitted for publication October 24, 1962.)
(Taken from Botanical Museum Leaflets -
Harvard University)

Ethnopharmacology of Ska Maria Pastora
(Salvia Divinorum; Epling & Jativa-M.)
From The Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 7 (1983) 287-312

The Leaves of the Virgin by Temicxoch

Pipiltzintzintli -- Salvia divinorum Epling & Javito
Taken from Notes on the Present Status of Ololiuhqui and the
Other Hallucinogens of Mexico
by Gordon Wasson

Salvinorin A: Notes of Caution by Daniel J. Siebert
(Previously published in "The Entheogen Review" Vol. 3, No.4: Winter Solstice, 1994)

The Salvia divinorum PAQ (Partially Answered Questions)
Tons of great info!

Black & White picture of group of S. divinorum growing outside

Some notes on growing - Lots of light, humidity, what fertilizer, & Pennies?

Harvesting Salvia divinorum

Salvia divinorum + 2CB experience

A Salvia divinorum experiment

Another Salvia divinorum trip explaned

A short writing of a Salvia divinorum experience

Salvia Info From an Expert in Germany

Several written Salvia divinorum experiments

more Salvia divinorum experiences

An explanation of smoking Salvia divinorum after ingesting LSD

A Page Dealing with S. Divinorum - Great Pictures

The Lid Within the Temple of Inscriptions
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